Club Decode Meet Fickle Friends 

We caught up with Natti and Jack from Fickle Friends ahead of their show at The Mash House in Edinburgh. Read below as we talk music school, sxsw and Bombay Bicycle Club!


How did fickle friends come to be? 

Natti: We were at music school together and it was shit! We started a band and it started doing well so we couldn’t leave

Jack: Yeah that’s pretty much it!

What are your impressions of being in Scotland, do you think crowds here differ to English crowds?

Natti: Crowds in Scotland are much better, they’re much better. People down south are kind

Jack: More reserved!

Natti: Like yeah `I’ll just stand here. Like the guy said earlier Scottish crowds are just generally easier to please and are more up for it which is great for us.

What’s been a standout moment from this year? 

Natti: Playing Reading was pretty epic, playing the NME Radio 1 stage to thousands of people which doesn’t happen very often for us

Jack: Reading and all the other festivals, they’ve all been amazing. We’ve had some really really great shows

Natti: I think it’s because we’ve done like two years of festivals and now in our third year we actually have people that come to these festivals every year, coming to the shows which is just great vibes.

You recently released your new track Brooklyn, what do you think about the reception it’s received? 

Natti|: I think it’s good, it hasn’t been out very long, you kind of like have to give it five weeks for it to kinda like reach everyone and yeah I think it’s been good so far. We’ve got the video coming out on Monday too.

Jack: Yeah a lot of people liked it at the show last night when we played it, yeah it went down really well

What are your anticipations for the rest of the tour, what can fans expect coming to your shows? 

Natti: We’ve got a couple of new tracks from the album which is currently not finished

Jack: Yeah new tracks and I don’t know chill sexy vibes!

Natti: More drums, lots of percussion, I’ve got some jazzy outfits

Jack: Yeah what you wearing tonight?

Natti: I don’t know yet! It’s difficult because you pack all of these clothes and then it’s fucking freezing everywhere. I’m just like, I just wanna play in my coat!

Jack: It was like I had to take my jumper off on stage yesterday, because I was so hot. I was like I’ll wear a jumper on stage it’ll be fine, second song I was dying

Natti: I didn’t put a t-shirt underneath my jumper stupidly! so I was just suffering through it

What can people expect from Fickle Friends in the next six months? 

Jack: Some new music

Natti: Yeah some new music! The Brooklyn music video Monday, hopefully gonna go on tour again, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen

Jack: Definitely a new song or two

Natti: Yeah might be going to South By, we got confirmed for it even though we didn’t want to do it again because it was traumatising but we might be going back there.

Jack: Yeah that’s in Texas!

How was South By traumatising? 

Jack: It’s just so busy and chaotic, so many people

Natti: And people shouting and getting angry and there is like not enough stuff in all the venues. They’ve got like one or two people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing cause they had to go round all the local music tech schools or instrument rental shops and just be like we need a spare pair of hands, it’s just shit!


The first gig you ever went to? 

Natti: Chumbawamba ‘I get knocked down but I get up again!’

Jack: Bowling For Soup, I’ll narrow it down to that one, I can’t remember what the first one was

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Jack: P.Y.T by Michael Jackson

Natti: What’s that Sugababes song, Too Lost In You?


Jack: Out of all the songs in the world?

Natti: Cause just lately I’ve really rediscovered that song and I’m like this is so good

Jack: The Spice Girls one we were listening to the other day

Natti: Yeah Say You’ll Always Be There. Purple Rain? That’s sort of my more serious one…

Describe Fickle Friends in three words? 

Natti: Oh Fuck!

Jack: Chill, Sexy, Vibes

Natti: Yeah, Chill Sexy Vibes

Do you have an interesting ringtone? 

Natti: Mines been Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle, for four years now

At least you don’t just have the generic Apple one! 

Jack: I used to, I had Katy Perry – International Smile, and it was one of my favourite songs, I had it on my phone and it just started ruining the song for me…

Natti: My phone does the new thing where it’s like the bed time thing and it wakes me up with birds tweeting and I’m just like oooooh!

Well Thanks Guys!

Give Fickle Friends new video for Brooklyn a watch below ❤













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