Club Decode Meet Man Of Moon

Prior to their Trip To The Moon gig at Stereo last week, we interviewed Edinburgh duo, Man of Moon. Read below as we speak with Chris and Mikey about how they came to be, their Trip to the Moon, what they have planned for the near future and our favourite quickfire round ever because it wasn’t quick at all.


How did Man of Moon come to be? 

Chris: We were at college together in Edinburgh to do Sound Engineering and the class needed like two people to do drums and guitar so the rest of the class could practice recording and that. So me and Mikey had never met and we were just like, I play guitar, you play drums so we just jumped into the studio. Started recording and it was like this actually sounds alright!

So where did you get the idea for the “Trip to the Moon” evening that is happening tonight? 

Chris: Ehh

Mikey: It kinda symbolises the band, we thought we would get some of favourite bands to come play.

Chris: I guess we wanted a whole kinda psychedelic theme of the night. I don’t know, just ties in with the name.

What has been a stand out moment for this year for you guys?

Chris: Probably Barrowlands with Arab Strap!

Mikey: Yeah supporting Arab Strap at Barrowlands was pretty cool so

Chris: Aye it was amazing, total legendary band so it was pretty cool to say we’ve played with them.

What’s your songwriting process, how do you usually tackle it?

Chris: Emmmm .. Like it’s changing a wee bit now! It’s kinda like i’ll get a tune together and it’ll be more just like a riff and chord structure and we bring it into the studio and we’ll work on it.

Mikey: Sometimes it’s just kinda, like The Road for instance, it just came! It was like 10 minutes or 20 minutes and it was just more like a jam rather than like writing parts and parts. It just all came together like that. We’re weird the way we write actually.

Chris: Yeah we write a wee bit backwards. I think we write a lot more progressively, we’ll just jam on the same riff and we’ll maybe get a tune together.

What does Man of Moon have planned for the next 6 months? 

Mikey: We have a really exciting gig coming up! Supporting Super Furry Animals at the Usher Hall. Its on the 12th of December and we’re really looking forward to that.

Chris: And then recording in January for the album and that’s gonna be till the next time we go on tour. The campaign for the album for next year. Try get some festivals!

We are going to go onto a quickfire round! What’s the first gig you ever went?

Chris: The first one I can ever remember was The Cribs at the o2 Abc with Johnny Marr. Yours will have been well young.

Mikey: Yeah i know but…

Chris: Quickfire

Mikey: I can’t! Like I don’t know…

I’m waiting in hope it’s a really bad one

Chris: Busted

That’s actually a common one! Everyone’s seem to be busted.

Chris: I used to love Busted when I was younger,

Mikey: It’s gonna sound really really bad but Robbie Williams, that was like with my mum and her mate. So I think I was just dragged along though. Is this like all word for word?


Mikey: Is it! You should probably edit that out!

If you could have written any song ever what would it be?

Chris: Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley

Mikey: That’s a pretty good answer!… eh..

The anticipation is building. *Quite some time passes by*

Chris: Just any song will do.

*After 3 long years of inner torment and battling with oneself, Mikey finally reached an answer*

Mikey: That Det Som Aldrig by Goat. Yeah it’s not english.

Describe Man of Moon in 3 words?

Chris: That’s a good question!

Mikey: Psychedelic… Moody….

Chris: I’d say like hypnotic, atmospheric and like driving.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given or received?

Mikey: I gave my brother a book on John Cena when I was younger

Chris: That’s quite good!

Mikey: No no no, cause he was like what the f**k cause he got me something really cool! And I was like, I think he would like this and I gave it to him and he was just like.. thanks man. That’s probably the worst gift I’ve given to someone! I don’t know what I’ve received.

Chris: My mate gave me a bag of sweets for Christmas and I got him like quite a good present! So that was shite but…

What’s your favourite festival or gig experience? 

Mikey: The Stone Roses for me actually!

Chris: I went to secret garden party this year… I watched DJ Shadow at like 3 in the morning at Secret Garden Party.He had all these amazing visuals and stuff going on and obviously everyone was in a really weird way at that time so it was quite cool!

If you have one, what is your most embarrasing moment on stage?

Chris: My one is that we played this gig in like Leicester I think and the sound guy just didn’t give a f**k. It was like he was just stoned out his mind and we went on and we were headlining and I played the first tune and because I couldn’t hear my guitar because the monitors were all over the place and I couldn’t hear my guitar at all, so i just sang the whole first tune completely out of tune.

Mikey: I think mine was ours aswell and like i’ve got this sample on The Road and it’s just like a *BOOO kinda noise* at the end of tune and I hit it halfway through the song and it was a big screeching noise. I tried to pause it and I dropped my stick, yeah it was bad one.

Chris: Nothing too bad, touch wood, we’re still yet to snap a string on stage so..

Yeah we’ve had really bad ones like drums and people falling off risers and everything.

Mikey: I’ve had drums fallover.

Chris: We had a gig recently where he was one a riser and everything on the riser was just moving. Toni our tour manager had to keep running on stage and putting on the drums back in the right place.

Mikey: We were like the last band of the day, so it was like why have you not fixed this problem?

Chris: But nah, nothing too bad!

Well, thank you guys!

Club Decode 2016


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