Vant @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 24/11/16

Politically driven 4 piece, Vant have been making quite the stir in recent years. Making sure their songs are heard above the noise of the current world so they can influence change and voice the people’s worry. On Thursday night, they took once again to King Tut’s stage in Glasgow.

Their set was loud and the audience was met with a high of ferocity and energy. The songs never seemed to end, with merely a moment between each one. The times there was a minute, lead singer asked the audience for their support in their campaign for change and lead a moment for the late Gary Watson, with whom they shared the stage with at their last Glasgow show. 

The audience took time to ease into the high intensity of the gig, taking a few songs to really get into it. Songs such as Karma Seeker, Parking Lot and new single Peace and Love lit up the room. Although sometimes songs could blend into one another and sometimes a minute was needed to settle on which one it was. Despite, the set was enjoyable and no doubt Vant will improve with every set and will be making even more noise soon with their debut album.


Club Decode 2016

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