Club Decode Meet Moonlight Zoo


We caught up with Moonlight Zoo ahead of their show at Teviot Underground, Edinburgh. Read below as we talk new material, Isle Of Wight and their Christmas show on December 17th…

How did you guy’s form?

Sean: It was basically, I was actually helping Graeme move house and we struck up a conversation because we all worked in the same local music venue in Dunfermline, we worked in PJ Molloys. We’d watched loads of bands come through and that and we had always talked about the idea of starting a band and then it just kinda happened but our original he moved to Australia, so we got Reece and it all pretty much clicked from there.

Graeme: Yeah we had all been in bands before and then we got together and formed the super band that are Moonlight Zoo

How are you feeling about the reception that your most recent single ‘Melting’ has received?

Graeme: Great! It’s gone good fast

Sean: it’s alright, yeah I don’t really like the song

Jamie: don’t say that!

Sean: yeah I think we all felt that we could have done better

Graeme: but it’s been a very strong reaction very quickly, cause yeah people like the video, they liked the track and when the video came out it seemed to take fire a lot quicker, about a thousand views in the first week or something

Sean: yeah it was good!

What’s the writing process behind your songs, how do you usually tackle it? 

Sean: usually Jamie and I will come up with the structure of the song or the idea, just the idea and then we’ll all take it into a practice room and write and develop it, but usually yeah you just get like a little seed of something and then plant it! Water it a wee bit. It can take a while though, like we’ve got a habit of half writing it, leaving it for ages and then going back and re-writing it.

Graeme: we’re very particular when we write, we like to get everything spot on, like we take so much time and just little things. It’s the beauty of writing songs

Sean: Apart from Melting that was shit


Sean: I’m only joking!

What’s been a standout moment from this year?  

Jamie: playing the Isle Of Wight Festival

Sean: Aye that was really good! And we won a local battle of the bands thing as well. Which we got a lot of money from, we got five grand which allowed us to go and record the last single and that was a big moment. Yeah what else, yeah we played with The View a couple of times which was good because there was big crowds.

Reece: Isle Of Wight

Sean: Yeah Isle Of Wight was probably the best, because we’d never travelled that far

Jamie: Yeah for our first gig in England it was pretty cool

Sean: First gig down south yeah that was probably the best highlight

What can people expect from you guys in the next six months?

Sean: Oh well..

Graeme: If I told you that then I’d have to

Sean: we’ve got a big hometown show coming up on the 17th of December, which we’re really excited for, we do it every year in Dunfermline, in PJ’s. The place where the band kinda formed which is exciting

Graeme: Yeah the 17th of December, in Dunfermline, PJ Molloys

Sean: Yeah we’re playing with a band called Ava Love as well who are really, really good, from Edinburgh. Then in January, like right at the start we’re going back into the studio to record to record the next single

Graeme: Literally yeah get Christmas and New Year out the way and then we’re straight back into it, first week of January

Sean: So yeah we’re really excited for that and then th single is gonna come out in April and then hopefully into festival season. We’ve got King Tuts on the 21st of January, it me our first gig of the year which we’re really looking forward to…

Quick fire!

First gig you ever went to? 

Sean: Uhm One Night Only, I think

Jamie: Proclaimers

Reece: Busted

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be?
Reece: The Beatles – Getting Better

Jamie: Hotel California – The Eagles

Graeme: Hey Jude – The Beatles

Sean: Uhm I was gonna say a Beatles one too but I can’t now, I’m sorry it was supposed to be quickfire

Graeme: Well you’ve lost

Sean: The End – The Doors

Musical Guilty Pleasure?

Sean: Justin Bieber, that’s not even that guilty, like I will tell anyone I fucking love Justin Bieber

Graeme: Take That definitely

Jamie: Backstreet Boys


Reece: Guilty Pleasure uhm I don’t know

Sean: C’mon there must be something you listen to in secret

Graeme: You suck at this c’mon, do you like Beyonce, Nickelback…

Reece: I do like a bit of Beyonce yeah!

Sean: Have you not noticed that it’s become cool lately to like shit pop music, well not shit but y’know what I mean. Justin Bieber is the best though

Graeme: Nah Take That are far better than Justin Bieber

Worst Gift Ever Given Or Received? 

Reece: Jammies when I was 14

Graeme: I just give people shit presents that I get from past Christmas’s I can’t think of a specific one but I know I’ve done it with the band

Jamie: I can’t remember what it was but one year I did give someone a present wrapped in tin foil, whatever that was I’m sure it was shit

Sean: With me its just ridiculous boxers and socks from my gran or someone, one year I got a bright pink pair which I actually kept

Well Thanks Guys!

You can catch Moonlight Zoo at PJ Molloy’s on the 17th of December, make sure you get yourselves along!

















































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