Club Decode Meet VANT

We had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Mattie from VANT. Read below as we talk songwriting, their headline tour and escapism!

How did you guys come to be? 

Anxiety & Alcohol. Fear & Friendship

You’ve recently come off tour with You Me At Six, how was that experience for you guy’s? What was a stand out moment from the tour?

It was great, such nice people. Inverness was an absolutely killer show!

What are your anticipations for your upcoming headline tour? What can fans expect?

It will be nice to play for as long and as loud as we like again. Expect sweat, energy and escapism.

You choose to write about topics which a lot of people don’t speak up about, how do you tackle writing songs with such powerful and highly relevant meanings? 

I find it impossible to write about anything else, I wouldn’t feel comfortable singing about meaningless or self indulgent subjects on stage every night. Minorities and the working class need a voice and we’re trying to give them one.

How are you feeling about the reception that your most recent single ‘Peace & Love’ has received? 

It’s been amazing so far, I’m glad people can relate to it and realise the importance of the message.

Do you have anywhere which you draw inspiration from for the bands style and sound?

Just the world in general. It’s a terrifying, unfathomable place and songwriting gives me a way to channel my thoughts and help make some sort of sense out of the chaos.

Quick fire! 

First gig you ever went to? 

The Subways – The Manor Quay, Sunderland

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Talkin’ World War III Blues – Bob Dylan

Describe VANT in three words? 

Sagacious Punk Rock

Worst gift ever given or received? 

Those bloody adidas Christmas deodorant / bodywash packs!

Favourite gig/festival experience? 

Fuji Rock in Japan

Dream artist collaboration?

Neil Young

Thank you! 

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