Club Decode Meet Marsicans

We had the fantastic opportunity of talking to James from Marsicans! Read below as we talk their uk tour, The Absence EP,  the Leeds music scene and more!

So how did you guys form? 
James: Me, Cale and Oli started playing together back in school. We formed in our GCSE music class and started writing terrible Arctic Monkeys rip-offs straight away. We met Rob a few years later as he played in another band on the scene and it all went from there really; Marsicans were born!
You’ve had a busy past month or so with a string of dates across the UK. How was the tour for you guys? What’s been a standout moment from it?
James: This tour has been amazing for us. It really surpassed our expectations. A number of the shows were sold out, which was an incredible feeling. The standout moments for us were probably our first sold out London show at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen and also the Brudenell Social Club main room in Leeds. That really was a special moment for us.
Your ‘Absence’ EP got released back in September. How are you feeling about the reception it received?
James: We really can’t believe how well it’s been received. Songs from the EP have been playlisted on Spotify, Apple Music and each one of the tracks got Radio 1 play. When we were first writing the EP, I don’t think we expected it to go as well as that. Thanks to everyone who’s listened so far -we love you for it!
What’s the music scene in and around Leeds like? What bands would you recommend for people to listen to?
James: We love the Leeds music scene. There are so many different aspects to it. From metal to indie to folk there is genuinely something for everyone, and each scene is well supported. We’re really into Night Owls and Clay at the moment.
Quickfire Round! What was the first gig you ever went to?
James: Eric Clapton at Sheffield Arena
If you could have written any song ever, which one would it be?
James: Something – The Beatles
Describe Marsicans in three words?
James: Dirty indie pop
Worst gift ever given or received?
James: I used to have some boxing gloves when I was younger (not quite sure why), but on Christmas Eve I realised I hadn’t got my parents anything so I wrapped each glove up and gave my mum and dad a boxing glove each. I think I managed to get away with it
Favourite Festival/Gig experience?
James: This year’s Glastonbury. Playing and then enjoying the rest of the weekend with your best mates. Hard to top it really!
If you have one, your most embarrassing moment on stage?
James: Luckily I’ve not had any major errors YET, but at our Edinburgh show last week I flung myself back from the mic a little too hard and was extremely close to falling into my amp and knocking everything over. I saved myself last second somehow, but it would have been massively embarrassing.
Club Decode 2016

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