Club Decode Meet Indigo Velvet

We caught up with Indigo Velvet ahead of their sold out show at the Hug and Pint, Glasgow. Read below as we talk, Shania Twain, new music and festival season!

‘Sunrise’ was recently released, How are you feeling about the reception it’s received? 

Darren: I’ve not checked!

*Queue Laughter*

Laurie: Nah, it’s good before we released it we had a premier with the skinny which went down really well, it’s something that we were quite keen to get. So aye it’s been good,  I think we done it at a good time, with it hitting the start of the tour as well

Darren: Aye it’s good

Laurie: You’ve not checked

Darren: But yeah releasing a single is just part and parcel of being on a tour. I think it definitely has probably helped with interest again

Laurie: Yeah people have seen it online as well and then thought, oh I’ll go see them live…

*Random Laughter*

Darren: I’m probably the worst person to interview, but aye it’s been good. Nah but seriously now, it’s nice people listen to your track and support what you do

What’s been a standout moment from this year? 

Darren: Probably T in the Park

Laurie: Aye T in the Park was good because it’s like a milestone for a Scottish band

Darren: Yeah every Scottish band want to play T in the Park because it’s a big festival, it’s been fun though I think the highlight in a general sense has just been all the festivals to be honest. It’s like this is our first year getting to play all these festivals and it definitely has been a learning curve for us, with what we can and can’t do and yeah it’s been fu. It’s hard, when you know someone and they are trying to get you to be completely serious, it just doesn’t happen. Yeah like best highlight, aw I haven’t checked

Is this your first proper full headline tour? 

Collectively: Yes!

Laurie: We done Hit The Road when we first sort of started which was good, it was a good platform to build crowds and that

Darren: Yeah just looking at the bands that have been on Hit The Road, like how old we’re we when we did it, like 18/19? For a teenage band starting out, it is a really good platform to be on. It’s run really well too because they get folk on board who know how to help you out…

Laurie: Doing that as well and then coming on to this tour, it kinda taught us what to expect, yeah we learnt a lot from Hit The Road. It’s helped us get ready for this tour which is good and this tour so far has been great as well, this is our last Scottish date till Edinburgh and the crowds have been really good as well, like yeah they proper got into it and danced away, it was class! Tonight will be a belter like…

Darren: Aye it should be good

How would you say this run of shows compare to other live experiences you’ve had?

Darren: I think it’s because we’re in each other’s company….

Oooooh we’ve got an extra band member!

Darren: Aw for fucks sake, we’re doing an interview Billy!

Laurie: Its the best interview ever mate

Billy: I won’t be saying much anyway

Laurie: Yeah cause we know Kitt so well it’s really hard

Darren: It’s different because we’re in each other’s company 24/7 and it’s fucking horrible

Laurie: We don’t know what to expect going to each city either, like obviously tonight’s different because it’s sold out prior to the gig but for example like Dunfermline last night, we never knew like in regards to numbers who was gonna be there

Darren: We still had a right good time though, it was fucking brilliant

Laurie: Yeah it was good, really good. Whereas like when you have just one gig, you kinda know like everything in advance in regards to how many tickets you’ve sold. This is actually one of the first times with the tour that majority of tickets have been sold online via Eventbrite and stuff. It’s quite cool to do that because like I said you don’t really know what to expect

Darren: it’s fun like, especially going down to England and that. We’ve never done that before, yeah we’ve been to like Leeds a couple times so it’s exciting because we’re going to places we haven’t been before like Manchester, Liverpool and London. Last time we went to London it was a nightmare but aye it was still fun. Looking forward to it.

What’s your opinion on the Edinburgh music scene? 

Darren: It’s in tatters, I have to tell you hen it’s in tatters, it’s on the downward spiral, it’s done, finished! Nah I’m only joking it’s alright yeah

Laurie: It’s weird it kinda comes and goes ay

Darren: We were speaking about that tonight actually and it’s not really got a scene, like you’ve got your bands that all kinda sound different like us, Rebel Westerns, Mt Doubt. All those lads

Laurie: it’s like good mates!

Darren: Yeah! But yeah when you say scene I don’t really think we could be on the same bill as the because our genres don’t match up that well. So like when we were trying to pick supports for Edinburgh it was a tough one

Laurie: Actually I was saying to that Haus band remember at High Tyde. I was saying to them like, he was kinda saying it was the same as London in Edinburgh. It’s like all our mates, well not all of them but the kinda scene of what we do are kinda dotted about, for example Lisbon in Newcastle, Marsicans are in Leeds and that’s a good thing in a way because you can play gigs out of town a bit easier because you know these people

Darren: but aye yeah you can get your gig swaps on

Billy: Yeah no one in Edinburgh really wants to play Edinburgh, everyone’s at the same stage more or less. Like us, Rebel Westerns, Mt Doubt and it’s that thing that when you want to book them, they’ve got the same idea as us

Darren: Yeah in Edinburgh you’ve got to be really strategical about the gigs that you play whereas in Glasgow there are so many venues and so many artists coming out of it that they have their audiences. The scene itself is alright yeah…

Laurie: Can you say we’re Arctic Monkeys, don’t believe the hype in your Sheffield accent?

We’re Arctic Monkeys, don’t believe the hype 

Laurie: Put that in! Start the interview with it. Quote from Kitt. Kitt in the car


Billy: Indigo Velvet talk UK Tour, New Music and Jade Goody

What have you got planned for the next six months? 

Darren: we’ve got a festival thing up in Cairngorm, all I know is that Frank Skinner from the Streets is doing a DJ set so I’ll be oot ma nut

Laurie: we’ve got a gig on the 10th of December at tuts with The Vegan Leather which will probably be our last gig of the year. We’ve got a few dates in February as well

Darren: There will also be a new release at some point too, I think we’ve got a video coming as well, we’re in talks about that and then. We will be getting ready for festival season as well, hopefully pick up a couple of festivals down south

Quick fire!

First gig you ever went to?

Darren: Oh Busted easy!

Billy: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Laurie: Shania Twain


Laurie: Yeah I went with my dad and my sister, but the first one I actually remember was McFly

It’s not getting any better Laurie 

Laurie: Jason’s was some Nigerian Choir

Your musical guilty pleasure?

Billy: Little Mix

Darren: Aye yeah Billy’s got this nickname of Little Mix now. But yeah guilty pleasure, everything’s guilty now but I would probably say Miley Cyrus. I do really like her. She’s got a nice album

Laurie: In The Arms Of An Angel

Billy: That reminds me of being sixteen and trying to get to sleep on his beanbag and that song being on

Laurie: I love that song!

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Billy: Bohemian Rhapsody probably ay

Laurie: That’s a belter

Darren: I’d probably say, Something Happened On The Way To Heaven by Phil Collins. Laurie? Man I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain


Laurie: Aye put that in. So, Man I Feel Like A woman – Shania Twain

Describe Indigo Velvet in three words?  

*Queue list of a million words*

Darren: Aye so three words

You’re at a good fifty now 

Darren: Well fine three words just for your benefit…

Laurie: I. Haven’t. Checked

Darren: Nah right just for you benefit. Tropical, Happy, Sunrise

Billy: Can we not just put Happy Go Larry

Laurie: AYE!

Collectively: Happy Go Larry

Laurie: Class mate

Well Thanks Guys! 

Give their new track ‘Sunrise’ a listen below… 

You can also catch Indigo Velvet at King Tuts, Glasgow on the 10th of December when they support The Vegan Leather ❤️














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