Swimm – Groupie

It’s been a minute since we heard any new music from Californian pop duo, Swimm. However in the past month we’ve heard Man’s Man and now their most recent single, Groupie. The new tunes follow on from their 2015 Beverly Hells EP, featuring notable songs such as Belly and All The Time. We have a sneaking suspicion these new songs may be featuring on a future EP. We’ll just have to wait and see.


No Swimm song has ever sounded much like another. Each song has it’s own uniqueness, it’s own personality.  Groupie has it’s own style and characteristics, setting itself out from the others. Swimm’s undeniable melodic sense and need to experiment instantly shines through. You can never predict what’s coming next, each part of the song comes as a surprise. It’s driven by the duo’s experimentation with the electronic sound and it’s clear rhythm. Hypnotic vocals paired with the unpredictable make Groupie an addictive listen.

I recommend you delve much further into their music stylings than just this slice of art. Swimm’s discography is something any music lover could get lost in. With music so versatile and diverse, they’re a duo that’s very difficult to get bored of. It’s unlikely the band will be heading over here to Scotland in the near future, however no matter the geographical location, Swimm is a band everyone needs. Listen to Groupie below –

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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