Catfish and The Bottlemen @ SECC, Glasgow – 13/11/16

Catfish and The Bottlemen are a band we have witnessed progress through several of Scotland’s venues. From performing in front of less than 100 people in a bar to last night, performing in front over 8000 people at the SECC Arena in Glasgow. In the beginning, it was clear that Catfish would eventually sell out arenas and headline festivals. They performed in the smallest of venues like they were performing to thousands and finally, that’s now a reality.


The anticipation for the band to take the stage was unlike any other I have ever seen. Hitting the stage with their song Homesick. Lead singer, Van McCann not having to sing a word as the crowd sung it for him. It was clear everyone member of the crowd had a love for the band and their music. It was rare to find a person not singing every word. Catfish and the Bottlemen still perform with the same energy and passion as they did at the beginning. They remain humble and it’s no secret how they’re still in awe of music lovers coming out to watch them play. The only thing that’s changed is the number of people.

New songs went down just as well as the old. Throughout Glasgow the crowd cheered at the mention Sauchiehall Street and the mention of the city. No song was met without energy and 8,000 voices. Finishing on the same song as always, Tyrants. As much as Catfish constantly put on an immense live show which blows away every member of the audience, could it be time to switch things up? It’s become slightly predictable and is tyrants truly the best song to end on? Who knows! However, it very much works in their favour so why change it? Their live show is spectacular and it’s a definite recommendation.

Lauren Patterson @ club Decode 2016

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