Fickle Friends – Brooklyn

Retro-influenced Brighton 5 piece, Fickle Friends have knocked it out the park once again with their brand new single, Brooklyn. Following on from their synth infused single Cry Baby, could this be a taste of what’s to come from their well awaited debut album? Quite possibly. Join us a we journey through this critically acclaimed piece.


Brooklyn carries on with the familiar melodic Fickle Friends sound. However the sound is far from being exhausted. This song is clearly driven by the vocals. From the deep background vocals in the verse to the repetition glory after the chorus. Clearly the vocals have been thoroughly thought out and have been intricately woven throughout the piece. A perfect example of how to use the human voice to take a song to another level.

A possible 80’s influence takes hold of the synths and gives the song a retro feel. A theme which is becoming increasingly common amongst upcoming artists. The drums give the song an undeniable rhythm and the guitars stitch the song together to complete this perfect pop song. However, the bassline doesn’t appear to be as prominent in this number as ones in the past, possibly to let the vocals carry the song.

Fickle Friends are clearly a band that have an eye for detail. It appears so much thought and work goes into every song and it’s defintely worth it. Producing some of the freshest music to date. Listen to their single Brooklyn below:


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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