The Van T’s – Fun Garçon


The Van T’s are back with an absolutely killer single. Here is why you should wrap your ears around ‘Fun Garçon’…

‘Fun Garçon’ follows a slightly different sound than previous releases but still has the raw underlying Van T’s sound that we have all come to absolutely adore. One thing I’ve found with The Van T’s is that their singles never fail to give you a sense of weird empowerment and confidence, you genuinely feel like you can take on the world after listening to them, they are everything and more that you should love about a band. Starting with a strong distorted riff, the single builds into a full 90’s classic with a fun Van T’s stamp on it, incorporating gritty vocals, lyrics that draw you into the songs meaning, heavy percussion and building to an insanely impressive ending that will leave you hitting the replay button. The Van T’s never fail to impress and are lovable for their true uniqueness and confidence, ‘Fun Garçon’ is angsty and aggressive in all the right ways and will be a spectacular song to see live. The single has all the grunge vibes that you need while also drawing from punkier styles of the spectrum, it easily ties up many iconic sounding styles into one high energy four minute track. The Van T’s are one of the most exciting bands to come out of Scotland to date, there is nothing that you cannot love about them so if you haven’t (where have you been) then give them a listen and get behind them ❤

Give ‘Fun Garçon’ a listen below…

You can catch The Van T’s at Stereo, Glasgow on the 25th of November. So get yourselves along ❤


Thanks for reading,

Kitt x

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