Club Decode Meet Haus

Whilst in Glasgow supporting High Tyde, we caught up with Ash and Ellis from upcoming London band, Haus. Read below as we talk how they became a band, name confusion and what they have planned for the future!



Hi guys! So tell us how your formed and where did the name Haus come from? 

Ellis: We formed over a long period of time, just basically process of elimination.

Ash:  Survival of the fittest baby

Ellis: Well four of us met at college and then we met Ashley through like mutual friends and that. It kinda worked so here we are.

Ash: The story of the name is really boring. Basically we panicked, someone said the word house and some other person said we should spell it the German way and that’s how we got our name!

We got confused with the name. We had been calling you guys hauz. 

Ash: We get that all the time man!

Ellis: We had a radio presenter call us hauz and I was like….

So you guys have just started your tour with High Tyde, how has it been so far?

Ash: Draining but amazing at the same time.

Ellis: It’s been good fun, it’s been a weird one for us but it’s been good one. We’ve been enjoying it, we’re looking forward to the rest of it.

Have you been getting good crowd reactions?

Ellis: We’ve had people come up to us both times saying they really enjoyed it. That’s the first team people had seen us and stuff like that. There’s been much more interaction during our sets and that’s sick.

What is your typical songwriting process?

Ash: We used to Jam as a band, but when you have to try please cooperate people things smoother don’t they, and quicker. So me or Ellis or me and Daniel or me, Ellis and Daniel will write together and bring it to the boys and we’ll jam and that’s basically how we get a song.

What do you guys have planned for the next 6 months?

Ellis: We are going to Europe and then potentially a headline tour earlier next year.

Ash: An EP

Ellis: Followed by an Ep yeah! Some big things which is quite exciting.

Ash: Busy, busy, busy.

We’re going to go onto a quickfire round! So what was the first gig you ever went to?

Ash: Arctic Monkeys, 2009 at Wembley Arena.

Ellis: I don’t wanna say it… A Day To Remember at Brixton Academy

Ash: We come from different backgrounds and areas

What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

Ellis: I don’t think we’ve had one yet… Whenever something happens it’s usually stuff only the band notice.

Ash: Awww shit yeah, I think it was Live At Leeds this year. I went to, I don’t know… I went to like hit a note and a massive snot rocket came out. That’s my most embarrassing moment

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Ash: N-Sync

Ellis: Underoath

What’s your favourite vine or meme?

Ash: The fucking Gossip Girl one with the little kid in the orange and goes xoxo Gossip Girl shhh

Ellis: Mine is probably that one with the little kid that’s like psst.. wat. Please tell me someone’s seen that!

You’re last question! If you could have written any song ever what would it be?

Ash: Pork Soda by Glass Animals

Ellis: That’s a good choice. I have no idea… Probably something by Arctic Monkeys. Something off that first album. If I could have written that first album, I would have been happy.

Thank you guys!

Check out Haus and their single Two Minds below:

Club Decode @ 2016





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