Club Decode Meet Shvllows


We caught up with Shvllows ahead of their single launch at The Mash House in Edinburgh. Read below as we talk new material, musical guilty pleasures and Edinburgh’s music scene…

Where does the name come from and how did you guy’s form?

Connor: Well we formed sort of the second half of 2015, uhm a sort of reincarnation of an old band. We all just went to the same college, we knew each other through studying music. Uhm the name is not coming from Chvrches, we’re just really bad at picking names, we eventually decided that we liked Shvllows but we just thought it was a bit simple with the A, we added the V  instead because it’s easier to search. Especially with there being other bands called Shallows and there is a film Shallows as well so with the V we are the only thing that comes up so it’s just easier that way.

So what are your impressions of the Edinburgh music scene as a whole? 

Kyle: I think it’s great yeah, there is like a close sort of community between bands, like we’ve got Rebel Westerns, E M I L I E, Noah, Noah and Indigo Velvet so it’s like a really close sort of family feel. It’s good

What Edinburgh bands would you recommend that people check out? 

Scott: Indigo Velvet. I think they are great

Kyle: Rebel Westerns. Dom’s dancing, superb! and his trousers. It’s depending what he’s wearing on his legs…

So ‘Zurich’ recently got released, how are you feeling about the reception that it has received? 

Scott: Aw it’s been great! It’s been absolutely incredible

Kyle: We weren’t expecting it to do as well as it has done, especially because we knew we had built up a bit of a fanbase with ‘Shake’ and we knew that we wanted to take it to the next level with ‘Zurich’ but the response has been crazy

Connor: But yeah so it’s helped to push the fan base beyond friends and there are new people coming to the shows as well which is really cool so yeah it’s been good!

What can we expect from you guy’s in the next six months? 

Kyle: We are going to record at least one single in November and then release that early 2017 and it’s gonna be bigger and better…


Disclaimer it’s gonna be bigger and better!


What’s the first gig you ever went to?

Kyle: Stiff Little Fingers

Connor: Vampire Weekend

So Very Jealous!

Scott: Bryan Adams, I went and seen him *Laugher*

It doesn’t get as good of a reaction 

Scott: He was absolutely brilliant! I didn’t expect it

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be?  

Kyle: Mr Brightside

Connor: No Reptiles by Everything Everything

Scott: Uhm Spanish Sahara by Foals

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? 

Kyle: Aw uhm keep on moving by Five

Connor: I love Ain’t It Fun By Paramore. I hate Paramore but I love that song

Scott: Avril Lavigne. That was literally my very first album that I ever bought and I have no idea why

The worst gift you’ve ever given or received? 

Kyle: I wrapped up wrapping paper one Christmas for my Grandma, that might have been the worst gift I’ve ever given.

Connor: Uhm, see I’m really good at presents though, I make an effort. I just can’t wrap them. I think I gave my mum a broken candle once, that’s just cause I can’t wrap though. Just put my finger right through it. Sorry broken candle holder not an actual candle

I was gonna say how do you put your finger through a candle

Connor: See exactly, I was just getting really annoyed though. There was a lot of thrashing going on

Scott: Uhm god, it’ll be some sort of magazine probably. Just cause they showed an interest that one time and then just here’s a magazine. It’s always those stocking fillers at Christmas.

Connor: I have a much worse one actually, my auntie gave me a JLS CD when I was I don’t know 18 maybe

Kyle: Bring JLS back, that’s also a guilty pleasure JLS

Connor: I’ve still got it!

If you have one what’s been your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Connor: I just trip over my lead all the time. Like I’ll probably do it tonight

Kyle: It’s embarrassing for me like when you miss a cymbal and you feel like everyone is watching you

Scott: I don’t know, this was like ages ago but there was one song I played and I was just completely out of key. Do you remember that…

Kyle: Yeah I do, terrible

Scott: It was just completely out of key, like a step down. I could hear myself on stage and everything

Connor: I remember that it was bad yeah!

Well Thank You Guys! 

Give Shvllows current single ‘Zurich’ a listen below… It’ll be stuck in your head for daaaaays ❤

You can catch Shvllows supporting Indigo Velvet on the 12th of November at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh. Get your tickets below…

Thanks for reading guy’s ❤

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