We Came From Wolves – Places Unfamiliar


We Came From Wolves are back with a brand new single. ‘Places Unfamiliar’ is released November 4th via Vadana Records. 14650538_1781197208784868_5633009822422137321_n

We Came From Wolves have already developed a strong, loyal following within Scotland and are sure to continue this across UK with a headline tour and the release of this Brilliant single.

The single takes a slightly new direction from older material but it’s a fresh look into just what these guy’s are capable of and proves just why they are one of Scotland’s best up and coming acts. ‘Places Unfamiliar’ takes a look into a personal battle with depression and describes lead singer Kyle’s difficulties with coming to terms with the different factors affecting that, all the while the song keeps an up-beat and catchy air to it. The strong lyrics add an eerie meaningful depth to the single, allowing you to get lost in the track which is neatly wrapped up into just over three minutes of aggressive genius songwriting that will leave you hitting replay every time it ends.

Kyle’s raw powerful vocals shine through and are a real focal point to the track, leaving you lost in it’s meaning. ‘Places Unfamiliar’ has a certain unmatchable energy to it which will make it an amazing song to see live. With catchy riffs, a solid bassline and unforgettable lyrics, this song will be stuck in your head for days. We Came From Wolves have truly knocked it out of the park with this release. Make sure you give ‘Places Unfamiliar’ a listen and get behind these guy’s because you will be seriously missing out if you don’t…

Give the video for their new single a watch below…

‘Places Unfamiliar’ is released November 4th via Vadana Records ❤ 


You can catch We Came From Wolves on tour just now across many different venues and locations across the UK. So get along and see them…


Thanks for reading guy’s

Kitt ❤

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