Sundara Karma – Olympia

Upcoming indie outfit, Sundara Karma have gave us yet another taste of what’s to come from their debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. Dropping their latest single Olympia on Friday, the 4 piece are increasing the hype for their collection of songs which is still painfully months away.


With a simple, repetitive style transformed into something more than just your typical indie song. Transformed into something hauntingly brilliant Olympia stands out easily as one of Sundara Karma’s strongest singles yet. An emotion weaves through the lyrics that the band had yet to explore before now. Flowing with glowing melodies and ease, Olympia shows a new yet almost familiar side to Sundara Karma. They have turned such simplicity into what can be described as nothing less than an anthem. Despite their already fast and ever growing success, this may just be the song that finally sees become more than just an upcoming indie act, but as the future festival headliners.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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