Shvllows Single Launch – The Mash House


Shvllows played to a packed Mash House last Saturday to launch their single ‘Zurich’. Here’s a little review of what you missed out on.

Shvllows provided fans with a energetic set on Saturday. Pulling out all the stops to prove they are here not only to stay but make an impact and they definitely did just that. You couldn’t help but dance along to their crowd starting set. With feel-good, upbeat vibes throughout their entire performance and pure synth pop pleasure for you to wrap your ears around. I hope I’m not only speaking for myself (which I’m not) when I say that I got lost in their performance, I was in awe from start to finish, a solid well-perfected set that left the whole crowd wanting more. The venue shook when they played ‘Shake’ and the crowd went wild, dancing and singing their hearts out. With new music also getting pulled out the bag, the crowd were definitely in awe. ‘Zurich’ was well received with everyone enjoying it’s summery, 80’s pop feel. Their set ended and obviously a chant was started for them to come back, running through ‘Shake’ one last time, everyone loved every minute of it. The crowd went crazier than before and we were all left a bit lost after their performance. I mean how can anything compare after the performance that Shallows put on. If you haven’t seen them live, then what are you doing. Get along and see them, you are truly missing out…

Give their new single ‘Zurich’ a listen below…

You can catch Shvllows on the 12th of November supporting Indigo Velvet at La Belle Angele Edinburgh. Get your tickets from the link below…

Thanks for reading guy’s

Kitt ❤


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