Tenement Trail

This weekend saw a lively inner city festival takeover Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. An event driven by the element of discovery, Tenement Trail attracted music lovers from far and wide, every venue bursting at the seams. On our journey of music discovery, fueled by tedious amounts of alcohol, we stopped to witness many a new act. So, here’s who we saw and what happened.


We had an unsurprising late start to our festival experience, unfortunately missing the first few hours of music. Floating between venues, we caught numerous amounts of acts, including American Clay, Shvllows, Other Humans, North Atlas and more! But there were only a few acts that really caught our attention. The first that far exceeded any expectations were The Ninth Wave. The band have an effortless stage presence and mesmerise crowds with just a hit of the drum. Taken aback by the strength of basslines, complex and straying far from the little too common sleepy bass sound. With amazing strength behind the vocals, the young band lit up Broadcast in a colourful and loud performance.

Making our only venture to the o2 ABC that night, we witnessed a fitting tribute to the late Gary Watson. Fantastically put together by Tenement TV themselves from archive footage. Afterward we caught a performance we had been dying to see, Declan Welsh. His political, unapologetic lyrics rang out across a boisterous crowd. Showcasing his forthcoming single No Pasaran with an element of anger but with compelling charm. Again Declan is an artist with flawless stage presence, everyone attentive as he stopped mid set to perform truthful poetry on lad culture. Despite not playing our favourite song, Amsterdam, we can easily say Declan Welsh was our favourite act of the festival. His single launch for No Pasaran is at Stereo on December 4th.

Photo taken by Cameron Brisbane

Later on the evening we found ourselves in the darkness of the priory, awaiting The Vegan Leather. They are always a band that stands out, possibly due to their unique synth sound or their interesting character. They could be deemed to have a strange/out there sound but it’s far too entertaining and vibrant for anyone to really care about the label. Another local band that are definitely worth seeing.

Closing Tenement Trail, was our favourite band The Van T’s. Playing to a packed Flat 0/1, no one in the venue could move. Diving into the crowd risked suffocation, but there were crowd suffers and people danced, not caring that each movement would result in accidentally touching 40 people. They performed with their usual style and loudness. The Van T’s never put on a less than spectacular show.

Photo by Cameron Brisbane
Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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