The Night Cafe @ The Garage – 2/10/16

It wasn’t a gig I thought I would see myself attend, however I managed to gain last minute access to see The Hunna at The Garage in Glasgow this weekend. For me the support bands complimented each other brilliantly and The Hunna, despite being the headliner, strayed far from the others sound. However, I’m not here to delve into the many questions I have about The Hunna and their sudden found fame and their intense, well noted promotional campaign.  I could go on for days about how it all doesn’t make sense, but we are going to draw our attention to one of the young, more than worthy support bands, The Night Cafe. 


Despite being the first band on, The Night Cafe performed to an almost full venue. Beginning their set with their biggest single to date, Time. Their performance looked effortless, showing no sign of nerve. Their indie, flowing sound rang out across an attentive crowd, winning more and more people over with every song. As they slowed down their set to play the heartwarming Addicted, the whole crowd swayed or listened to the beauty of the song in awe. An unlikely sight at a Glasgow gig. Performing some new and unheard songs (Although that was the case for every song for some), their catalog of sounds is set to become even more promising than before. I have never been more thankful to catch a support slot before this 4 piece from Liverpool. They put on an enchanting live show and show a subtle sense of humor between songs. I give The Night Cafe the biggest recommendation i possibly can., they’re a band you could easily fall in love with. They finished with their latest single, Mixed Signals.  A song which stands out from the rest due to its harsh to the point lyrics and far from floaty atmosphere. They left the crowd wanting more and no doubt they’ll have more soon.

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Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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