The Night Cafe – Mixed Signals

Liverpudlian 4 piece, The Night Cafe are one of the latest upcoming bands to strike everyone’s attention. Although little is known about the quartet and their background, their music certainly isn’t a mystery. Their latest string of releases have gained vast amounts of attention , their first and most beautiful single Addicted had many captivated from the start. By May when they released Time, they had even more people gripped. Both songs reaching well over 100,000 plays on Spotify. Their latest single Mixed Signals, was released just last week, and oh good lord does it live up to expectations and beyond! Join me, as we delve further into this little masterpiece.


Beginning Mixed Signal with the familiar indie sound, The Night Cafe stray from their usual soft sound, taking on a more pressing subject. The phrase ” I didn’t think that I didn’t need you, I just got fucked and you made the decisions” repeats throughout and creates a harsh honesty to the song.The verse flows with ease and moves subtly into the chorus. Moving out of their comfort zone by using vocals effects and a different tone. Mixed Signals is a fantastic indie pop number. And i’ve let it to the end of this post to fangirl about this band. Their music will have you captivated and I guarantee you will fall in love with The Night Cafe! Catch them out on tour with Sundara Karma and the Hunna. Check out their single below

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