White – Recreational TV


White have graced us with yet another amazing single ahead of their EP ‘Cuts that Bleed’. ‘Recreational TV’ follows on from last month when we were given the gift of ‘I liked you better when you needed me’. Read below for all you need to know on ‘Recreational TV’ 

This single has all of the eighties vibes that you need, it is truly amazing and a perfect homage to the bands influences. The song builds from the start into an intense four minutes of powerful vocals, solid instrumentation and a perfect underlying synth melody that you can’t help but love. With the chorus bursting in with powerfully raw gang vocals and thrashing guitars, structurally the song flows well from one section to the next, ending abruptly and leaving you wanting more. This is sure to be a definite fan favourite live, it has everything and more that you would expect from a crowd starting song. It follows Whites quirky sound that we have all come to know and love. Featuring backing vocals from the late Gary Watson, The Ninth Wave, Baby Strange and more. Give it a listen below ❤

Thanks for reading,

Kitt ❤

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