Bad Sounds – Wages

Bad Sounds are one of those bands that definitely don’t live up to their name. The five piece from Bath are the polar opposite of their moniker. Known for their interesting sound and you-could-say-out-there live performance. Their newest single, Wages, out this Friday (September 16th) follows on from their previous single, Avalanche. An extremely addictive number telling a curious tale with some magical vocal effects. It’s all pretty brilliant, HOWEVER we’re here to talk about that shiny af new song Wages so…


Bad Sounds modestly described the song as a bit of a sulk and some trumpets but there’s no denying this song sounds huge. Despite the song being a complaint of working hard but being paid not nearly enough, there’s a feel good sound to the song from the second the first trumpet hits. The colourful, loud instrumental against the almost monotone vocals (Except for the familiar vocal effects) make it an unlikely 3 minute masterpiece. The first listen to the song, holds a number of surprises, never being quite sure where the song might go. Wages can be described as nothing more than a HIT. How anyone could fail to love this song is a mystery. Bad Sounds are a band on many a people’s radar and maybe they should be on yours. (I’m not saying they have to be, but mon). Check out Bad Sounds on tour with Rat Boy and hopefully they’ll be up to Scotland (And not playing a gig i’m working so the pain of being in the same venue but not being able to see them is not real)

 Wages is out on all major platforms on the 16th September.

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