Club Decode Meets Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5

Our final interview at Electric Fields was with the wonderfully Yellow, Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5. We spoke to some members of the group about The Yellow Movement, Festivals and their most embarrassing moments on stage!


For those who don’t know, can you explain what the Yellow movement is?

Colonel Mustard: The Yellow Movements a collective of people and artists that have…. Eh… aye… eh what is the Yellow Movement David? You’re good at answering that.

Dijancer: Yeah, we’ve kinda condensed it down to a creative community with a D.I.Y approach trying to affect positive change, bring people together and make them happy!

Colonel Mustard: The Yellow Movements more became about the people that come and get involved rather than bands and artists. Its evolved into something that we didn’t set out for it too become, but it’s become even better because it’s that.

Dijancer: Yeah! It’s because of its organic-ness. Our drummer, Hamoaglaphonic, he said to me that Eden last year, when it really kinda had taken over that festival. I was out on the Saturday afternoon and my mate said to me, by the way “See if you can walk 5 seconds without anywhere on this site and not see yellow, I couldn’t do it, the entire weekend!” The Yellow Movement’s whatever people want it to be! It’s a positive thing, it’s inclusive! It is bringing people together; it’s been bringing bands together!. EVIE… for the record there, Colonel John Thomas McMustard’s daughter is trying to smash a disco ball.

Hahaha! Where does your inspiration come from with your name, style and music?

Dijancer: You for the name!

Colonel Mustard: Yeah. Basically I bought my rank online, I went on and you know how you can become a minister and stuff like that-

Dijancer: Which I am ordained in the universal life church to marry people. A 6th Dijon wanted me to do that.

Colonel Mustard: –I thought I might just go on and see if I can buy myself a rank within an army… em… So I did that.

Dijancer: It’s the Dijon territorial army, he’s only part time.

Colonel Mustard: But what I’ve done since joining that army is… like infiltrated it to the point where people are just walking about with big flowers instead of guns and stuff like that. So that’s why I’m Colonel Mustard. The Dijon 5.. eh basically, my tribe.. eh.. started off in Dijon, they moved over to Buckfast Abbey, where there was like quite a few monks. They weren’t celibate, let’s just say that and the Dijon 5 are the descendants of them. Who once Buckfast became big in North Lanarkshire, they just kinda doing their deliveries in places like Coatbridge, they kinda settled down. And when the time was right, I just thought well right, lets just bring back out from the underground.


Dijancer: We’re going to meet some descendants of those monks at Lindisfarne Festival next weekend. So some of the monks settled out there as well so it’ll be nice to meet our monk brethrens.

You’ve had a busy festival season! We’ve seen you 3 times, what has been a stand out festival experience?

Colonel Mustard: Really! Where about!

Dijancer: Yeah, I recognise you! Not from your email. *For the record, Lauren gets recognised by people all the time, including people she’s never met. So we can only conclude that she’s actually famous. Also to clarify Lauren thought she had accidentally sent people selfies through email, however she uses Gmail and that’s not the case*

Sound City, Belladrum, we missed you by like 3 seconds at Xpo North and-

Dijancer: Where you at the delegate conference!?

Colonel Mustard: You actually got to see us at Sound City


Colonel Mustard: At Sound City you must have been like, some of 50 people there

I enjoyed myself!

Colonel Mustard: It was great though!

Dijancer: I mean there was some big players in the industry that had heard about us and came along just to watch us for that! And off the back of that, the guy that runs Shangri-La, he’s wanting to get us booked there and for Glastonbury next year and try and get us a few gigs there! We’ve got it pencilled in, ideal we’d like to be down there from Wednesday to Monday! It’s John and I’s favourite festival! Johns been a load of times, I’ve worked the last 3 years. I volunteer with Greenpeace so I help build the Greenpeace field.

Colonel Mustard: It’s where a lot of the inspiration for the organic kinda-

Dijancer: Community

Colonel Mustard: Chaos, community. The good times came from us going down to Glastonbury and being alright, this is how a festival should be! I don’t know, it’s got bad side to it as well Glastonbury but that changes over the years but handing onto the good value and the positive. The things it was set up for are kinda part of what we’re about!

Dijancer: I’ve been there the last 3 years, it’s my favourite place on Earth. It’s been amazing to go, I went to the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge 2 years ago and I watched the sunrise on the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge and then drove back and watched the Sun set in the Stone Circle at Glastonbury and it was just an absolutely magical moment but I’ve been there in total for 35 days at Glastonbury in the time that I’ve been working. For a site that’s got over 100,000 people a day, I’ve never seen 1 fight. Aye, not to say that it doesn’t happen! People get drunk you know what I mean? As John said, we get described as a mini festival in ourselves! We’ve looked at all the best things about festivals and that’s the vibe that we want to create! Whether that’s here at Electric Fields or last night when we played to over 900 people in a packed Stramash, on the Cowgate for the Fringe in Edinburgh. Indoors or outdoors, we create that same vibe.

Colonel Mustard: It what’s your after I think! Seeing lots of great bands over the years and taking wee bits of everything and-

Dijancer: Magpies! We’re musical Magpies!

Colonel Mustard: stamping your own thing on it! It what’s do people want? They wanna be happy, they wanna laugh, they wanna dance, they wanna sing, they wanna move about a bit and aye! That’s it. Come in, Gary! This is the Archduke Mortimer Winthorpe.

Dijancer: The third marquis of Denmark.

Colonel Mustard: And this is Vanilla Johnson!

Hi everyone! We’re going to move onto a quickfire round! So what was the first gig you ever went to?

Colonel Mustard: Oasis at the Barras in 1994!

Dijancer: I don’t know who I class as that, cause I want to the source and seen some dance acts and I used to go to Fury Murray’s unders. So I’ve seen like TGF and Ultrasonic and QFX, I mean Rhythmic State, they’re all bands!

Vanilla Johnson: Quickfire!

Dijancer: So this is a difficult one!

Colonel Mustard: This is a quickfire round! There is no such thing as quickfire with David!

Dijancer: I’m gonna say TGF.

The Archduke: Mine was Oasis at Balloch!

Vanilla Johnson: Mine was Travis at the secc, not including one of the radio one roadshows.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Colonel Mustard: Guilty pleasure… there’s so many… I don’t know if Disco is classed as a guilty pleasure now!


Colonel Mustard: It used to be, but I love a bit of disco!

Dijancer: John slagged me, cause I used to listen to Paramore!

I like Paramore!

Vanilla Johnson: Hiy, that’s not guilty!

That was my first gig, my first gig was Paramore!

The Archduke: I like Billy Joel, I really like Billy Joel. Everybody slags me for it but I like Billy Joel.

Vanilla: When I’m bored I put on a lot of TV/Movie soundtracks!

Colonel Mustard: Colette! Guilty pleasure!

Colette: The pokemon song! Or Disney’s Mulan!

Mulan isn’t even guilty though!

Colonel Mustard: The Mary Poppins soundtrack! I’m actually gonna do that as a musical one day, like the fringe. That’s what it’s all leading up to! I don’t even like our band, its just a step up to me doing a Mary Poppins Musical!

If you could have written any song ever, what song would it be?

Dijancer: Imagine! I’ve got it Tattooed on my arm. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!

The Archduke: Barbie Girl for me!

Colonel Mustard: I am the Walrus

Vanilla Johnson: You may say I’m a dreamer but im not! Happy Birthday because it makes the most money!

Colonel Mustard: You may say I’m a dreamer but I just don’t pay attention in class.

Colette: The Pokémon song! I’m going to just keep saying that for every answer!

What is your current ringtone? If you’ve got an interesting one!

Dijancer: I don’t my phones on silent permanently!

Colette: I’ve got a good one, somebody ring me!

Colonel Mustard: It’s the pokemon song! It’s ok, we can move!


Colonel Mustard: That is good.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given or received?

Dijancer: A dart board as art!

The Archduke: I got clothes and a selection box and I was raging!

Vanilla Johnson: I got a tacky man bracelet from a girlfriend when I was 15!

The Archduke: You still wore it though Greg!

Vanilla Johnson: I’ve got it! I’ve never worn it but I’ve got it!

Colonel Mustard: I’m gonna say Gary’s answer! When you’re a child and you want toys and you get clothes! Your mum’s delighted you got clothes, but you’re raging! But if you have to be polite and be like “Aw thanks! This is great” My Nana once bought me high Karate aftershave! It was something like the guys out Only Fools and Horses would wear! A terrible aftershave.

So your last question! What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?

The Archduke: Just the one!

Dijancer: How long have you got! I’ve injured multiple people unfortunately.

The Archduke: His wife, His niece.

Colonel Mustard: weans

Dijancer: I’m a health and safety nightmare.

Colonel Mustard: Last week he kicked Gary’s wife in the face at Doune the Rabbit hole.

Dijancer: Accidentally.

Well I hope so!

Dijancer: There’s been a few for me! There’s a big space there for me to gallop about in my unicron role and Unicorn’s are wild animals, they can’t be tamed!

The Archduke: Mines is, I had bought this really rubbish lee-isure suit.

Colonel Mustard: Lee-sure not leisure!

The Archduke: Cause there was no leisure involved. We were playing the barras and I washed it in the washing machine and it shrunk a bit. It looked ridiculous but I was like, that’s even better. I bent down and my crotch burst right and I was like Fuck. So I had to go put other trousers on, pretend it never and these guys never knew about that, till this day.

Vanilla Johnson: My first gig ever in band and I’m singing. I’m singing away Why Does it Always Rain on Me. This never happened in my life till this point and it was the first time I ever went like that *Demonstrates voice cracking* My voice broke on stage, singing.

Are you a massive Travis fan by any chance?

Vanilla Johnson: I was at that time!

Colonel Mustard: You spewed one night on stage as well!

Vanilla Johnson: I spewed just before going on stage and then playing on stage!

The Archduke: Tactical whitey.

Colonel Mustard: Big Craig the Drummer, has fallen off stage multiple times and spewed multiple times.

Dijancer: Whilst still keeping his beat! He can play and spew, he’s multitalented.

Well thank you very much! *So many thank yous*


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