Club Decode Meet Sweaty Palms!


So we caught up with Sweaty Palms on the Friday of Electric Fields festival.

Read below as we talk, moving to Berlin, Nicki Minaj and DJ Bad Boy.

So, how did you guy’s form and where does the name come from?

Shaun: How many drummers have we had now, like four?

Bob: Five!

Rachael: Tom was sent down from the gods and that’s when we fucking formed.

Bob: We weren’t fully formed till we had Tom. He came from Edinburgh on the back of a sheep.

Rachael: The name, yeah there were quite a few different names before Sweaty Palms.

Tom: Sweaty Palms, just the reality of being desperately anxious people.

Bob: 24/7, like we’re comfortable on stage just not in social situations.

Tom: Such as this! In which we are all feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

Rachael: Crumbling before you!

Tom: Any of you’s have a paper bag that I can breath in to.

I’m afraid we don’t, sorry!

You guy’s just recently came off a headline tour, how was that for you? 

Tom: It wasn’t a headline tour actually…

Was it not! Queue many shocked gasps…

Rachael: We were supporting And Yet It Moves for five dates.

Shaun: It was quite good yeah, a good dipping your toes in the water experience.

Tom: It was good to play but it was also good to watch And Yet It Moves every night as well.

Bob: Five nights in a row you’s would think that after the first night you’d be like nah but they just kept getting better and better.

So do you have plans for a headline tour? 

Rachael: It would be a good plan, yeah.

Tom: Very soon, perhaps next year

Bob: If someone pays for us to do it

Tom: If you can write that down, Gerry Blythe is gonna pay for our tour.

Bob: And all the hotels, all the gear as well.

Rachael: We would be looking to leave the UK though as well, like it would be quite good to have some European dates.

Tom: We’re all going to move to Berlin in January.

Rachael: Don’t know how that’s gonna go but yeah everyone is fucking off there before it’s great.

Have you guy’s got anything in store for the next coming months?

Bob: Er, Rachael’s pregnant, so yeah she’s giving birth on the, when is it again?

Rachael: It’s a mushroom baby.

Bob: Aw yeah it’s the 26th of January.

Tom: We’re gonna add a sixth member to the band. But yeah we are going to live out our Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Berlin fantasies and just become smackheads.

Bob: Write an amazing album and then like die sixty years later.

That all sounds brilliant!


First gig you ever went to?

Tom: Bob Dylan

Rachael: Westlife

Shaun: Evanescence

Bob: Eminem

Rachael: Westlife was fucking terrible, I’ve lost this one. I was only 11

Your musical guilty pleasure?

Rachael: Bee Gees!

Bob: That’s not guilty though

Rachael: I know but most people would think that it was.

Tom: Nicki Minaj – I saw her live twice in a row.

Rachael: Did you?!

Tom: I was working at it, she won me round, I was doing security

Rachael: Tom, wait what? So you were working security at Nicki Minaj, he’s talking shite, don’t do this to me man.

Shaun: I’ve heard this before

Tom: I wouldn’t listen to her music but as a person she won my respect, she was good. She has a good fucking message man, she was inspirational.

Bob:  Right stop taking the piss!

Tom: Right, go see a Nicki Minaj concert and tell me it’s not good and I’ll fucking give you your money back.

Bob: What are them fucking guy’s called Rizzla Kids?

 Rizzle Kicks? 

Rachael: Yeah, what about them?

Bob: That’s my pleasure – laughter

Rachael: Where did that come from?

Bob: That’s guilty init

Tom: He just loves getting down with the trumpets

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Shaun: Do you think I’m sexy by Rod Stewart

Rachael: Riders on the storm

Tom: I’d say Pure Evil by Baby Strange


Bob: Friday night by DJ Bad Boy


Rachael: That’s not even a joke because that is like lyrical genius, it is amazing.

What’s your current ringtone?

Queue ringtone impressions

Rachael: To Bob – He’s got the really old school one

So no interesting ones?

Tom: Nah just the iPhone one

Rachael: I didn’t know iPhones allowed you to change them

Yeah, you have to buy them, mines is Earth, Wind And Fire 

Rachael: I remember when I was younger, I really wanted to get a phone just so I could get like a certain ringtone, I think it was Sugababes

Worst gift ever given or received? 

Tom: Oral sex – for both

Bob:  Ten points for that

Rachael: Have you thought about this before?

Bob: Well I’ve got nothing to top that

Rachael: Yeah that answer just wins that one.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

Rachael: Just messing up, don’t really know how to play

Tom: Dropping sticks!

Bob: Rico coming on stage

Rachael: Yeah he just came on and kept trying to hug us, he wouldn’t leave the stage

Well Thanks Guys!



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