Earth, Wind and Freshers nite is fast approaching. Pretty soon we’ll be dancing in Stereo to everyone’s favorite bands and in the possession of an ungodly amount of glitter. We continue our lowdown of each of our beautiful bands with our favourite interviewees EVER, Glass Caves. 


We initially discovered Glass Caves earlier this year falling in love their songs Out of Control and Moongate. But to be fair we’ve actually just fell in love with their debut album as a whole. The 4 piece from Pontefract in Northern England, released their magical debut album, Alive in 2014 and became actual yorkshire massive.  In April this year they released their single which happens to be of the same name, Alive. We believe this song to be about Edinburgh. (we don’t know for sure, but mon, it’s obvious. Bet it’s not know now that i’ve said it) Shortly after releasing the single, we interviewed Glass Caves in Glasgow and it was the most spectacular, unprepared, hilarious masterpiece anyone has ever seen and they’ve been one of our favourite bands ever since.  Before we delve further into the life Glass Caves, please take time to watch this incredible interview.

Glass Caves are currently in the studio, writing that wonderful 2nd album and tbh may be cooped away till it’s all and dusted. But we have been SO GOOD to you scottish Glass Caves fans! We are bringing them to Glasgow to Stereo on September 22nd. So you won’t have extreme withdrawal from them and their music by the time the second album hits the spotify. For those who have been so unfortunate to not have heard this band (Like god bless u, what a sin), here you go!

Obviously by now your convinced and you’re coming to see Glass Caves alongside Pleasure House, SAHARA, Acrylic and The Lafontaines (DJ Set) . So I guess we’ll SEE YA THERE!




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