Club Decode meet Neon Waltz

Last weekend at Electric Fields, we had a chance to chat to every single member of Neon Waltz, Jordan, Calvin, Jamie, Liam, Darren and Swany. We talk about future projects, their genre and some dude called Mr BoomCheck it out below! 


We’ve not heard a lot from you guys over the past couple months. Have you got anything in the works just now?

Calvin: The album’s finished which is good! That’s exciting! So we spent the first sort of part of this year just getting it finished, getting it mastered and things. We’ve no be doing as much gigs because of that.

Jordan: We’re gonna be touring in October as well, eh, releasing a single. Kinda early stages right now so we can’t really tell you too much.

How did you guys form and where does the name come from?

Jordan: We’re all, eh, mates from school, we’ve known each other for like… at least sort of 10/15 years. We’ve been playing in bands together for years as well, but as Neon Waltz we started writing songs maybe like 2/3 years ago and… where did the name come from? Eh, we couldn’t find a name for ages, and we had like 600 names written down on a bit of paper… and they were all shit. But there was one name that was Neon… I don’t know… Neon Fish… something Waltz. So we eh, somehow combined the two and it just seemed to work.

Calvin: Seemed right!

Jordan: There’s nothing. No crazy story behind it unfortunately.

It’s a good name! How would you describe your sound/genre?

Jordan: Calvin.

Calvin:   Funk-Pop-Psychedelia with a bit of-

Jordan: Scream-pop-funk-psychedelia

Calvin: Yeah… What did you say?

Jordan: Scream-pop-funk-psychedelia

Calvin: yeah, I don’t really know to be honest!

Jordan: Yeah definitely not that!

Calvin: I don’t think we ever set out to have a genre as such, I think it just kinda… We wrote music with the sort of gear we had and the influences we all have. We all listen to different music.

Jordan: Well it’s Rock N Roll music basically but I don’t know what sub-category it is.

Calvin: We all kinda take a sort of different influences from different bands you know… Whatever it is will come out!

Darren: What do you think it is?

I don’t know cause it’s pretty unique! That’s why we asked! We need to know!

Darren: There is no answer!

Swany: We’re the worst people to ask!

Calvin: You ask us and we’re like, ughhh.

Liam: Heavy Metal!

It’s the best answer we’ve had! We’re going to go onto a quick fire round! So, what was the first gig you ever went to!?

Jamie: Bon Jovi, These Days tour! Still the best gig yet!

Swany: Pulp was an early one!

Jamie: Oh yeah! Mine was Pulp too… Delete that Bon Jovi one.

Jordan: Eh… probably Mr Boom!

Swany: He’s from Wick, where we’re from!

Jordan: Do you know Mr Boom?


Jordan: He’s a one-man band!

Calvin: He’s a kid’s entertainer who has like a drum on his back and cymbals on his head!

Swany: Indie as fuck!

Calvin: He’s a hipster really

Jordan: He’s got a big beard

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Jordan: Chris Isaac… Just that one song… What’s it called again?

Jamie: Baker street?

Jordan: No, the one we were singing yesterday? *starts singing that one song*  

Calvin: Some guilty pleasure, could be any fucking song!

Jamie: Does M.I.A count as a guilty pleasure

Jordan: who


Calvin: Too cool. Mr Cool here his guilty pleasure is M.I.A!

Swany: eh my guilty pleasure is cool as fuck

Liam: “I saw pulp”

Darren: eh Elton John

That’s not guilty!

Darren: Nah it is a bit, depends what era

Depends what song. If you guys could have written any song ever, what would it be?

Swany:  Whispering Pines

Calvin: We’re really bad at this game!

Jordan: Chris Isaac *sings* and IIIIIIIIII

Calvin: Don’t Look Back in Anger because you would be stinkin rich, why would you have want to have written anything else?

Jordan: I don’t know; I’m thinking too hard…. One of Mr Boom’s. Boom, Boom, Boom… Boom, Boom, come to my room.

Calvin: That’s vengaboys.

Jordan: I thought that was Mr Boom?

HAHA! What is your current ringtone?

Calvin: Iphone standard ringtone.

UH everyone’s answer’s been that!

Jamie: Samsung standard

Jordan: I think you have to an app

I bought mine! What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given or received?

Jordan: I got my brother for Christmas, Ant and Dec’s greatest hits on CD.

They have a greatest hits?!?!

Jordan: That’s my guilty pleasure

Calvin: I got an action man when I was like 19 one time… from my cousin

Last question! What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Jamie: Well my fly was down for the whole gig the day… kinda embarrassing. If you were at the left hand side of the stage you would have seen it but if you were at the right hand side you obviously didny, cause the guitar was in the way so… aye when we came of the stage that was pretty embarrassing.

Calvin: I had an incident one time with a pair of trousers. From about there to like the top of my – *points to where the incident happened*… yeah they were too tight yeah. Put on a bit of weight and a burst a hole. I had nice boxers on.

Swany: Least they didn’t split.

Well thank you guys! THANK YOU


Club Decode 2016

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