Club Decode Meet Sundara Karma

Whilst prancing around Electric Fields festival last weekend, we had a chat with Oscar and Haydn from Sundara Karma! We talk the new album, ringtones, festivals and more! Give it a read below! 


You’ve had a busy festival season, what’s been a stand out festival experience or moment?

Oscar: Em. Glastonbury, that was pretty mad! And truck festival, was really good. That was pretty, ah, boisterous, there was a lot of, eh, lot of young kids there who knew our songs, which was the first time that really happened. Yeah, we felt like a big band.

Haydn: Like a real band

Oscar: Big rock band, pop band.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at a festival so far?

Oscar: eh oh, TCB probably

Haydn: TCB man

Oscar: Yeah, that’s the weirdest thing that happened.

How do you think your Scottish Electric Fields experience is going to compare to other festivals?

Haydn: Think it’s going to be up there! I mean the sun is shining, Primal Scream are probably here and we’re looking forward to it! It looks cool, it’s a lovely part of the world here.

Has this been your only Scottish festival?

Haydn: Yup

Oscar: Like ever

Ever?!? so this is your first festival then?

Oscar: In Scotland yeah!

That’s cool! You embark on a headline tour in September! What can fans expect, what do you have in store for them?

Oscar: New songs! Em… that’s about it!

Haydn: HA

Haha! So your debut album “Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect” comes out in January next year! What was the writing process for the album, how did you approach it?

Oscar: I guess with any debut, it’s a collection of songs that you’ve written over loads of years before. You know, whatever song you have, whether you start writing at 14 or whatever, up until now, is a contender for the album so… it’s weird like, if you’re writing a second album maybe you have a year to write them but with first albums, it’s however long you’ve got before you’ve got pressure to put something out. So that’s the writing process… a collection of loads of songs that we’ve had since this band started.

You released “She Said” from your forthcoming album only a few days ago, how do you feel about the reception it has received?

Oscar: Good! It’s been really positive! I think with each release the response seems to get more and more intense, which is nice!

Great! We’re going to go onto a quick fire round! So what’s the first gig you ever went to?

Oscar: Blondie

Haydn: No way! Mine was Bruce Springsteen! 

Oscar: That’s pretty cool!

They’re both really, really good ones! What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Oscar: Westlife when I was younger, but I don’t know now! Eh, you like Taylor Swift right? Actually I’ve gone off Taylor.

Haydn: I’m not even guilty about it though.

Oscar: Yeah, I’ve gone off Taylor… You got anything that springs to mind?

Haydn: Boys Like Girls! That one song, Waiting for A Star to Fall. That’s a real guilty pleasure!

They’re quite good ones.

Oscar: What would be a really bad one?

Fifth Harmony? Actually, em, I don’t know… Scissor Sisters?

Oscar: I don’t mind listening to a bit of the Scissor Sisters!

That’s pretty guilty! Mine is Earth, Wind and Fire but Earth, Wind and Fire are my favourite band so…

Oscar: That’s not guilty! You should have a T-Shirt mate!

They’re all over my flat right now! Em, if you could have written any song ever, what one would it be?

Oscar: September!

The best song of all time! What’s your current ringtone?

Oscar: Em, it’s the one that goes

Haydn: *Imitates ringtone noise*

Oscar: Something like that.

Haydn: The beach one.

Oscar: You got that at the beach?

Haydn: Yeah the same one as Al. What’s that one called Al?! *Imitates more ringtone noises*

Al: Seaside? That one.

Haydn: The beach one. That’s my one… I can’t afford to pay for one.

Oscar: Actually mines on silent most of the time… It’s just like a vibration.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever given or received?

Haydn: Haha

Oscar: I dunno… I keep getting this fucking camera cup! Do you know the camera cup!?

Haydn: Oh yeah!

Oscar: I’ve got it for like… the past 3 Christmases from Santa.

Haydn: Yeah, I have got one of those!

Oscar: I’ve got like 6… well I’ve got 3! Haha!

Haha! So your last question! What’s been your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Oscar: Ehhh… Getting dropped in a crowd surf, it’s very school of rock. Yeah, I mean it wasn’t embarrassing at the time cause I was really, really drunk but looking back on it, it was probably a bit embarrassing.

It would have been sore!

Oscar: Yeah, I bruised my ribs! I did but I didn’t realise how painful it was at the time cause I was so numb.

Haydn: Hahaha

Thank you so much for talking to us guys! THANK YOU!

Catch Sundara Karma this September! Trust us, it’ll be gid!


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