Club Decode Meets Eliza and the Bear (At Electric Fields Festival)


So Friday saw us catch up with the lovely Martin and Callie from Eliza and the Bear following their packed out show at this years Electric Fields Festival.

Read below as we talk Beyonce, Debut Albums, Barn On The Farm and 26 Pairs of Socks!

So, How are you guy’s considering you were stuck in twelve hours worth of traffic?

Martin:  We’re very well, we were really tired for the first part and then we spent a little part of the journey thinking we weren’t going to make it but then we literally turned up five minutes before changeover.

Callie: And I would say that your dance moves were exemplary today man, liked being cooped up in a van really helped you out.

Martin: Yeah it energised us!

Callie: Loosens the muscles. Like, some of the shapes you were throwing, they were transcendent. You could probably tour with Beyonce if you wanted to, I’m just saying.

Martin: Sign me up!

Callie: Beyonce, Martin’s available.

You were both pretty fabulous to be honest

Martin: Yeah you did well, I don’t want to take away from you.

Callie: Yeah so I’ve developed a new dance move (Queue demonstration of dance move), obviously not very good for the audio situation but it’s like, I call it the Egyptian.

Martin: I was doing the Griezmann, that doesn’t work for audio either but I’m sure we can find something of drake like a gif or something.


You’ve played a lot of festivals this year, what’s been a stand out festival experience? 

Callie: Today was pretty sick wasn’t it Martin.

Martin: Today actually was to be fair, it sounds like we’re being biased. Ha

Callie: Well it’s our first festival in Scotland this summer, we always think Scottish audiences are really very welcoming always, they have fun and they are the least pretentious out of all festival goers I would say.

Martin: We played V Festival last week and literally the Chelmsford one is like the closest one to our house, so that was quite special because we had a lot of our friends there. Uhm but yeah we’ve had a really really good festival run this year, like every festival we’ve played has been really good so we’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been cool.

Your self titled album came out a few months ago, how are you feeling about the reception it received ?

Martin: It’s been really good, especially noticeable when playing festival shows. We’re playing songs off the album that weren’t released as singles, which prior to the album coming out were going down well but obviously now the album is out people know the lyrics and are dancing along, actually some of the album tracks are starting to become some of our favourites to play, due to that response. It’s been really really, well shocking really ha, we didn’t expect it to be like this.

Callie: Well my mum really likes it Martin, that’s the most important thing.

Martin: That’s the main thing, yeah!

Callie: My mum likes it, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter.

Martin: We’ve done it.

Callie: As long as we sell one copy and that’s to my mum then it’s all good.

What came after the album, did it make anything happen for you guy’s?

Martin: Not really, like we knew that we would just have to wait and see how people received it and that would come through the shows but we knew that it wouldn’t really make no difference to us as a band. We love writing music so we’ve never stopped writing throughout the whole album process and we’ve got about thirty or forty songs ready for whatever is going to happen next. We’re just enjoying the response from it and kinda seeing what happens really but it hasn’t really changed us that much. Basically more people come to our shows and more people sing along which is the real difference. Which we are happy with.

What have you guy’s got in store for the next coming months? 

Callie: So there is going to be a headline tour at the back end of this year

You better be coming to Scotland!

Callie: Yeah we’re definitely coming to Glasgow. I think it’s back at King Tuts

Martin: You’ve gave it away, you’ve gave people a what’s it called?

Callie: An exclusive

Martin: Yeah an exclusive!

Callie: It’s very uhm embargoed

Martin: Oh that’s a good word! Well done

Callie: I know, I learned it the other day from the TV, it’s my word of the week

I remember when I learned that word I put it in all my emails 

Callie: EMBARGOED! Hi what’s your name, Callie is embargoed

Martin: But no we’ve got a headline tour and we’ve just wrote a song for a film called ‘For Kids In Love’ and that went really well and we’ve been playing it live quite  bit, the response has been really good so we’ll probably pop that out. Then we’ve got material ready for an EP and/or an Album if we need it but we’re gonna kinda do the headline tour and then just see where we go from there.

Callie: Right now we’re a human umbrella and yeah I’m satisfied, job satisfaction.

Add it to your CV’s guy’s

Quickfire Round!

The First Gig you ever went to?

Martin: AC/DC – Wembley Arena

Callie: Wheatus when I was 14

Your Musical Guilty Pleasure?

Martin: Little Mix

Callie: Taylor Swift, aw I love Little Mix too

Martin: I’m not even guilty about Little Mix

Callie: I’m not even guilty about Little Mix either, I love Perrie

Martin: Right, who else do we like, we like a lot really. Justin Bieber, Rihanna, we saw her live last week, you can’t even be guilty about that that though.

Callie: Bebe Rexha!

If you could have written any song ever, which one would it be? 

Martin: Right, think about it a minute and we can say it at the same time. Think what I would say and I’ll think what you would say and I think we’ll say the same song.

Callie: I don’t know, you’ve put the pressure on me!

Martin: Think about it cause we always say it’s the best song of all time. Probably a little more a couple of years ago. Just say what you think, ready. Three… Two… One…

Together: Coldplay – Fix You *Wild Screams Of Achievement*

Callie: We’ve passed the relationship test!

What’s your current ringtone?

Both: Just the standard iPhone ringtone

Aww what everyone has said that

Martin: I don’t even know how you change an iPhone ringtone

Callie: I want to bring back Crazy Frog

Martin: You used to be able to make your own ringtones as well, remember

I think I’m the only one that has a different ringtone 

Martin: Aw really, what is it?

I have September by Earth, Wind and Fire

Martin: Ha, that is a tune

Worst gift ever given or received?

Callie: My mum got me 26 pairs of socks for my 26th birthday. That was pretty lame

Martin: My auntie when I first joined the band got me a t-shirt with like a skull on it, it was just, it was the worst. Hopefully she won’t read this but yeah it was really bad. I make quite a lot of effort with gifts, I’ve never given a bad gift.

Callie: You’ve never bought me a gift

Martin: I’ll tell you what actually, at a Secret Santa I gave someone a calendar of firemen and I photo-shopped the faces and switched them with mine

Your most embarrassing moment one stage?

Callie: So the first time we ever did a live TV show, it was in Ireland and with like a studio audience and what not. Walked out really nervous, first chord of the song and the keyboard stand just collapsed and we were miming so there was a load of piano playing on the TV and I’m just sitting there like. The presenter had to come running on, I had the piano on my lap and then Martin at the end, I was expecting some words of comfort and he was like, to be fair mate it was funny weren’t it.

Martin: It was funny! I’ve never like fell over or anything, although one time at Barn on the Farm, and it’s become like a bit of a tradition now. This kid turns up with a water gun and like sprayed it on the stage and as a joke I was like you can spray it in my mouth, thinking it was water. It wasn’t, it was like cheap, shit vodka. It went all in my eyes and everything and now every year he comes and does it again and I have to like suffer this hideous Sainsbury’s vodka.

Thank You Guy’s So Much!

Keep a look out for the rest of our interviews from Electric Fields which will be up over the next coming weeks!

Big love guy’s ❤

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