Electric Fields – Friday Highlights


This past weekend saw us attend our last festival of the year (Where on Earth has this festival season gone to?!?!) , Electric Fields in Dumfries and what a magical weekend it was! We arrived on Friday morning and pitched our tent (with complete ease btw…) in the cutest little campsite ever and quickly began venturing this fantastic wee festival!

After interviewing the fabulous Sundara Karma, we caught our first band of the festival, Neon Waltz. (Interviews with both bands up soon!) The Scottish 6 piece and their only-god-knows genre never fail disappoint! Showcasing their turbulent music with a northern charisma, they quickly captured the attention of a number of festival goers and definitely won them over. Songs “Perfect Frame” and Bare Wood Aisles going down tremendously among both old and brand new Neon Waltz fans. The band are on the rise and no doubt will be making their way up the stage rankings in the very near future!


We then ventured to the Stewart Cruickshank stage to catch an eagerly awaited set from Glaswegian 3 piece, Baby Strange. Playing their array of dark and driven songs to a packed tent of all ages. The audience moving to every beat and screaming back lyrics, their energy reciprocated by the band. Playing critically acclaimed singles such as Pure Evil and Want It, Need It as well as previewing their debut album which is released a mere few days from now, Baby Strange were easily a festival highlight for most who attended their set. If you’re disappointed you missed this set (and so you fecking should be), the band set out on a Scottish tour next month!


After catching an actual HILARIOUS interview with Sweaty Palms, we caught another band we’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to see, Sundara Karma! This band have had a great amount of buzz surrounding them for a while and they showed off exactly why and why they belong on a festival mainstage! Playing their powerful and melodic sound to a young audience with songs “A Young Understanding” “Flame” and finishing on their lead single “Loveblood”. Also playing songs from their debut album “Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect” which is out in January. They won over the Electric Fields audience with charm and energy! Again, if you missed this set, you can see them touring the uk in September.


Eliza and The Bear, were another one of Friday highlights! Arriving only 20 minutes before their set, they performed with high intensity and energy. All band members giving it their all despite being stuck in 12 hours of traffic and rushing on stage. Their tent full of people of all ages and every single person dancing. Eliza and The Bear performed their debut album with ease and style and had the crowd captivated by tunes such as “Friends” “Where Have You Been?” and Light It Up! Possibly the set of the day, even the festival!


Nearing the end of the day, we unintentionally saw Public Service Broadcasting! Their interesting music and presence drew us in and we were captivated. Communicating to the audience through pre-recorded phrases, it was refreshingly different from anything else we had witnessed at the festival. They won us over and the large crowd to!

As the Friday at Electric Fields came to a close and The Charlatans pulled off a mind-blowing set, the parties in the campsite continued well into the night. As well as hilarious conversation and one guy trying to find his perfect match by shouting his horoscope into a megaphone. I was truly enchanted by this festival and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier and pleasant. We highly recommend it and we can 79854784% guarantee that we will see ya there next year!!!!


Watch out for our Saturday highlights in the next couple of days as well as interviews with Sundara Karma, Sweaty Palms, Neon Waltz, Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 and Eliza and The Bear.

Thanks for reading,


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