As of today, our fabulous freshers event is only a month away! Earth, Wind and Freshers takes place at Stereo in Glasgow on Thursday 22nd September and we have sets from Acrylic, SAHARA, Glass Caves, Pleasure House and a DJ set from The Lafontaines for everyone to enjoy. So in the month running up to this gig, absolutely not inspired by our love for Earth, Wind and Fire, we will be posting articles on each band so you can get to know them better! (Kinda like tinder for bands but obviously everyone’s a swipe right.) We kick off with our favourite, your favourite band, abdy’s favourite band SAHARA.


Forming in early last year, Dundee indie band SAHARA have quickly grabbed the attention of music fans and literally every single blog in existence (Literally not an exaggeration, every single fecking one) and quite rightly so. They released a handful of £20 demos onto Soundcloud and it’s been non-stop for the band ever since, supporting the likes of The View, Model Aeroplanes, Sergeant and Neon Waltz and more recently the 4 piece were voted to play Y Not Festival in England alongside Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves and more.

After a year and a half of being a band, SAHARA finally released their debut EP on July 29th with a wee bit of help from us. Featuring songs Scratch and Cough Syrup as well as a revamped version of Blind. This infectious, mind-blowing set of songs have gained them even more attention than before. So we thought, Y NOT? Let’s ask the wee desert kids to be part of Earth, Wind and Freshers! They get better and better with every live show,  it’s energetic and they’ll have you mesmerised (or indie moshing) from the first note of Blind. Basically, you need to come to Stereo and see these guys perform that insane EP and see them before they get mega famous. They hit the stage at 8pm, SO DON’T MISS IT! Check out the EP below!

Grab your tickets here:

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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