After a year of releasing numerous singles of equal ferocity and strength, VANT have kicked it up yet another notch by releasing their Karma Seeker EP. The 4 piece have been causing a significant stir for quite some time, receiving backing from the likes of radio 1 and literally all the blogs (like I fucking mean it, all of them, every single goddamn one) and this EP showcases exactly why there’s a “buzz” surrounding the band and why it’s soon to be motherfecking HYPE.


The 4 track collection of compositions doesn’t fall too far from the recognisable VANT sound, keeping to the heavy, guitar led structure and a vocal focus. However, these songs have BITE and are far more politically charged. The title track Karma Seeker is the most melodic of them all. Easing into the powerful chorus almost gently, with the introduction of drums and a bass line that could strike fear before tearing into the rise and the fall of the song. The 3 other tracks titled BIRTH CERTIFICATE, JESUS WAS A CONMAN and WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF BERNERS LEE are all very similar, extremely politically influenced, fast paced and infectious melodies which almost make you miss the tongue and cheek lyrics. Although, with BIRTH CERTIFICATE it’s hard to ignore how furiously it rips into the concept of labels and discrimination. Mattie Vant hasn’t left anything to the imagination about how he’s feeling and has quite respectfully used his platform to point out what’s wrong. He may have put the band on the edge lyrically but there’s nothing better than hearing songs from people who actually give a toss and who dare to tackle difficult subjects and don’t drool over breakup songs. A fantastic debut from VANT and no doubt they’re a band who most will know of soon.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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