Electric Fields – The Bands You Have To Go See

So the month of August is upon us. The month of magical festivals and desperate attempts to hold onto the summer nites before heading back to Uni or before the baltic weather rolls in. Well, I have the perfect way to round off your summer, it’s only the most magical festival of THEM ALL, Electric Fields. (It happens in the grounds of a castle and their colour scheme is just fabulous, so  gon’ try tell me thats not magical) If you’re heading to the fairy tale festival, as per we are here to recommend some JESUS-WEPT-WHAT-DID-WE-DO-TO-DESERVE-THIS-BAND- bands that you definitely need to go check out!

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Baby Strange


If you’re looking for something to mosh somewhat extensively to (or to have a little on the spot jump whilst screaming lyrics), Baby Strange is the band you should go see! The trio from Glasgow and their infectious, loud music have never had any trouble in getting a crowd going. They release their debut album on the 2nd September! So why not check them out at Electric Fields before hand!

Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5


I have absolutely no doubts that Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 will be your highlight of Electric Fields. Having been fortunate enough to have seen them before, I can guarantee it will be one of the most beautiful and entertaining live shows of your entire life. So much Yellow, hilarious songs and Dijancer waving around various flags and an inflatable unicorn. It’s sounds mad but that’s because it is! Believe me you can’t miss it! I wept after literally missing them by minutes at Xpo North. Heartbreaking.

Neon Waltz

Neon-Waltz-Photo-3-2 (1).jpg

Yes, the UK’s most northerly band, Neon Waltz are venturing down from John O’Groats to Dumfries to play this glorious festival. It’s hard to put this band into a certain genre and frankly I cannot find the words to describe their music either, except maybe from Interestingly brilliant. The young 6 piece have had a buzz surrounding them for quite sometime and are set to be one of everyone’s favourite new bands. Also their live show is magnificent and actually, quite mysterious. Sounds like a good time, don’t it?



This Newcastle 4 piece, Lisbon, will definitely have you dancing, and who doesn’t love a good dance? (If you don’t, why would you even go to these things, like boo) They are a band that provide us with such a multitude of songs, from a small, yet vast amount of genres. It’s vast for 1 band! No doubt they’ll put on a fantabulous, varied performance! Sooo, why not go check them out?

DJ Yoda


The guy is named after a tiny genius and did a mixtape dedicated to the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. OF COURSE you’re going to see him. #NeedISayMore

Get yer tickets here – http://electricfieldsfestival.com/tickets/

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