Fickle Friends – Cry Baby

This week, the god awful musical drought of July 2016 finally came to an end. I know it was tough and I know we lost some to chart music along the way (gone but not forgotten) but we pulled through. We were gifted with so much new music this new music friday, from SAHARA, Blossoms, Jojo, Two Door Cinema Club, Glass Animals and not to forgot, we received the heartbreakingly brilliant debut album from the late Viola Beach. So many songs with retro feels and I’m a sucker for anything that sounds remotely 70/80/90’s. However one song got them retro feels just perfect. Yes, it’s Fickle Friends‘ new single, Cry Baby. 


Fickle Friends’ only start off this song with one of the most brilliant 80’s infused, synth fueled hooks in music. Cry Baby continues on in a familiar Fickle Friends fashion. As much as I hate the word, the bass lines keeps to the usual “funky” sound,  similar to their past singles Say No More and Swim. The song builds throughout the first verse and gradually gets more fabulously 80’s. We move into the chorus with an infectious melody and a vibrant instrumental to accompany it. Cry Baby also makes use of vocal effects, which occasionally you will find yourself imitating. This all tied together, makes Cry Baby a perfect, dance worthy pop song.

Fickle Friends have clearly showcased in this song just exactly what the quintet are capable of. Going from strength to strength, and certainly making a name for themselves. They’re setting themselves aside from the other 1 MILLION British pop bands and there’s an immense excitement to see just how far they go…


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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