Y Not Check Out These Bands?

This weekend sees a festival (with the world’s most beautiful line up) take place in Pikehall. Yes, it’s Y Not festival. With fantastic headliners and acts such as Catfish and The Bottlemen, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird’s, Madness, Everything Everything, Circa Waves, Band of Skulls and many more, there’s something for all my fellow indie trash to enjoy.  Heartbreakingly, one can not take yet another weekend off work to attend yet another glorious indie far away festival. However, for those lucky enough to be going, I’m here to recommend some for-goodness-sake-their-music-is-so-goddamn-beautiful bands you HAVE to go see. (It literally has taken all the tiny amount of strength I currently possess to not write a novel featuring every single band on this line up, like seriously its too good.)


The Magic Gang


The Magic Gang are a 4 piece indie based in Brighton and much like their name, their music is literal magic. I can’t really pinpoint the words to describe the band but they seem pretty laidback and cool so it’s promising! The Magic Gang’s latest release, their self-titled EP, is a collection of flowing, retro influenced songs which will no doubt go down beautifully at the festival. With a renowned energetic live show, Y on Earth would you want to miss them? They play The Quarry on Sunday!

Sundara Karma


Sundara Karma are the quirkiest af 4 piece indie band that you will ever goddamn see. Their insane singles such as Flame and Loveblood have all received a tremendous amount of backing from the likes of Radio 1. This lot from Reading also put on one of the craziest (and somewhat intense) live shows you’ll ever be so fortunate to witness. With flawless riff’s and literally-can’t-get-them-out-your-head choruses, they’re on a steady path to being a future festival headliner, so Y not catch them now? Sundara Karma play The Quarry on Saturday.

The Tin Pigeons


The Tin Pigeons are a indie/pop/folk quartet from Uppingham (no idea) and after looking at their facebook i’m pretty sure they’re also posh farmers (Don’t take my word for that, I have no idea what’s in fashion anymore). Creating their own interesting genre of music; indie music with a wee bit of banjo. Don’t be put off by the banjo, it’s used tastefully. Recently they have received some well deserved backing from Huw Stephens and more. No doubt you’ll be hearing more about The Tin Pigeons and they’re interesting music very soon. They play BBC introducing on Saturday.

Little Comets


Little Comets are currently one of the best bands in the indie music scene and it’s always been a mystery to me Y they’re not massive. Y have people not jumped on this bandwagon yet? Water you doing? Responsible for some ridiculous bass lines and just plain incredible music, the band headline the Jack Rocks/This Feeling Stage on Saturday. Not only is it some of the greatest pieces of music you’ll listen to, it’s all so infectiously catchy. I’ve had the second verse of A Little Opus in my head for what seems like years. I’m not even complaining, it’s beautiful.

Baby Strange


Yes it’s Glasgow’s own, Baby Strange. They’ve got loud, fast paced songs and no doubt they’ll have an insane crowd at Y Not. Pure Evil has been one of our songs of 2016 and it’s got one of the most genius riffs, therefore you need their entire discography in your life. And even better, they’re debut album comes our way in September, which means even more fecking good tunes. Away see them on the Jack Rocks/This Feeling stage on Friday for a wee/substantial mosh if you wish. Y no?

Broken Hands


To this day, Broken Hands remain one of the best live bands I have ever seen in my existence. They released their incredible space/flight themed album in october of last year and it’s a fantastic collection of music to get into. No matter the size of the audience, it’s a highly energetic show with outstanding visuals and occasionally they even cover the venue in a shit ton of what seems to be tinfoil. Even if you don’t know any of the songs (but Y not tho), the live show is so mindblowing it’ll be worth it. They play The Jack Rocks/This Feeling stage on Sunday! (And Dale’s Y Hot, so go on)



Last but omg not least, is SAHARA. Voted by the people to play the festival, it’s their first ever gig south of the border! They open The Jack Rocks/This Feeling stage on Saturday, the day after they release their debut EP. Finally on Friday you get to hear the EP i’ve literally been crying over for the past month. (Trust me, if you’re an actual metaphorical mum like me, you’ll cry when you hear it) Not only does it sound fecking spectacular in your earphones, it’s also fecking spectauclar live. Away see them make their English debut whilst playing their debut EP.  Now please enjoy the ridiculously high budget video for Scratch before you enjoy it live on Saturday.

We’ve come to the end of the bands you absolutely have to go see, no question. But obviously there’s 1 million other optionals bands you should go see, so I thought “Y Not” i’ll make a list:

  • Vant
  • Circa Waves
  • Catfish and The Bottlemen
  • Blossoms
  • Band of Skulls
  • White
  • Pretty Vicious
  • Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club
  • Atlas Wynd
  • Otherkin
  • The Wholls
  • Milky Chance


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016


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