A post for those, very much like myself, experiencing a somewhat substantial amount of turmoil due to the musical drought of July 2016

Here we find ourselves in the midst of July. An exciting time with music festivals happening left, right and centre, with maybe a little sunshine here and there if we’re lucky, however July is always an incredibly dry period for music releases and gigs. Us music bloggers find ourselves in turmoil, desperately searching for even a 10 second snippet of a song to try and dissect or ending up at some obscure country-jazz singer’s farewell gig and helplessly trying to review it. As I peered down this week’s very (very) short list of releases, I had one I could potentially write about, Clay. However, our last 2 articles have been on the fantastic band from Leeds and we are 1 post away from being a Clay fan site. (However, I would create a fan site wholly dedicated to their song Nothing Happened. Like oh my god, it’s a masterpiece.) So today I did something so rare for our blog (except maybe when it comes to tunes of the month) I delved into the past, way, way into the past. A risky move, I know. However, I quite obnoxiously like to think of myself as 70’s/80’s disco wizard and today I’m going to bring you the best throwback bands and songs you should listen to, to overcome this difficult time in our lives. 

Earth Wind and Fire


I’m always looking for an excuse to talk about my favourite band in the world, Earth, Wind and Fire. Hailing from the 1970’s and producing some of everyone’s favourite disco songs including Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove, Getaway and the single greatest song of all time, September. Their music is genius, in cooperating driving bass lines, brass sections, a ridiculous amount of percussion and insane vocals and Ba De Ya’s.  Not only do they produce magical, dance worthy music but they also put on the best concert you will ever see in your entire life. So if you need something to groove to and sing at the top of your lungs this summer, it’s Earth, Wind and Fire.



news razorlight rc.jpg

Now and again, I think about what the fuck happened to Razorlight. 3 albums and suddenly one day they’re gone. Occasionally you hear about lead singer Johnny Borrell piping up about something but nothing about new music. Some believe (mainly just me) the upcoming band Judas are the reincarnated Razorlight, however it’s unlikely. In the mid noughties we were graced with the somewhat decent tunes America, The Morning and Golden Touch. If you’re looking for something with bloody good production and feel like basking in some indie retro trash, Razorlight is defo good call. (Gon just get the band back together Johnny, pls. Mind the good times.) 

Bryan Adams


We now move onto a man who can only be a myth because he’s too fucking fabulous, Bryan Adams. Yes, the cheesy rock messiah is one we all should appreciate just that little bit more. Having been a fan of Bryan from a very young age when I first heard his work with thy god Hans Zimmer on the Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron soundtrack (Absolute musical masterpiece, I could identify fine art at the age of 6.) I can guarantee there’s something for everyone to listen to in his range of songs (Had many phases did our Bryan.) We all know Summer of 69, Everything I do (I do it for you), Heaven and that one song with Mel C, however people should delve further into his body of work to discover rock wonder such as Can’t Stop This Thing we Started, Cuts Like A Knife and Here I am. If you happen to enjoy Bryan’s music, suppose I shall see you in Montrose on the 7th August. (I’ve waited 13 years for this gig and i’m probably gonna cry.)

Elton John


In a post such as this, it’s basically the principal to mention the great Eltonio Juan (Commonly known as Elton John) However out of all his albums and songs, I am here to recommend but one. A song which I believe is so cruelly overlooked. A song which first made it’s appearance in 1979 however was for some reason re-released in 2003. A song which Tay fm played so fucking often, Taysiders could only communicate with its lyrics.  Yes, it’s Are You Ready For Love. Yes I know Eltonio has written quite a few “bangers” in his time, however this is the song is where his songwriting skills peaked (Like a mount everest sort of peak. That high.) Now pls, don’t ask questions, just live in the glory of this incredible tune. (Trust me, you are ready) 



North of the border we know them as Travis, everywhere else, Scottish Stereophonics/Manic Street Preachers. It could be argued that the bands sound nothing alike however they both are held in high regard by their home country and have an insane amount of hits.  Very much still on the go with new music (which is fab may I add) Travis is a band everyone needs to get back into. They have a ridiculous amount of well known hits including Sing, Driftwood, Selfish Jean, Closer, Side, Writing to Reach You and of course Why Does It Always Rain On Me? If you need to chill and need a good wee sing song, Travis are the band for you. (A love Fran.)

Hall and Oates


It is only the kings of cheesy pop music themselves, Hall and Oates. You’ll know such hits as You Make My Dreams, Maneater, Out of Touch and Rich Girl. Much like Earth, Wind and Fire, their music actually makes you feel happy and you find yourself singing their songs in public. My personal favourite, is a song in which I was so obsessed I could clap once and my friends knew we were all about to break out into song whether we liked it or not. Private Eyes, no joke, it will get stuck in your head for literal years. So be careful, prepare yourself.




Yes, it’s the throwback queen herself, Jojo. More recently she has returned to the music world (God Bless you Jojo, we don’t deserve you) but most people still remember her as the teen pop sensation who sung all about break ups despite not really knowing what love is. Many of my fellow teens worshiped her, including myself. Producing such hits such as Leave (Get Out), Too Little Too Late and Baby It’s You and inspiring so many weans. Even if you came here for the disco throwbacks, just have a listen, let out the inner diva.

Unfortunately my music amigos, we have reached the end of this post. However, out of kindness and my love for making playlists, I shall leave you a throwback playlist below which hopefully will see you through the musical drought of July 2K16. Please look out for and support one another during this difficult time. Stay safe.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode

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