Kloe – UDSM

Last week, Glaswegian singer/songwriter Kloe dropped her brand new single, UDSM. The single follows on from her EP, Teenage Craze released earlier this year. Since Teenage Craze, 19-year-old Kloe has gone from strength to strength, supporting Charlie Puth on his latest European tour, playing numerous festivals, hosting her own stage at T in the Park and now releasing her strongest single yet.

cover600x600 (1)

UDSM (which stands for you U Don’t See Me) follows the same structure as her song Teenage Craze, no longer leaving it as the odd one out in her collection of music. The song starts in a familiar Kloe fashion, with each part of the song flowing flawlessly into the next. The lyrics are beautifully straight to the point which may leave some taken aback, she certainly hasn’t left it to the listener’s imagination as to what she might be singing about. Like Teenage Craze, the instrumental is an artistic, electro pop fueled shimmering composition. This paired with the infectiously catchy melodies and vocal effects at the end of the chorus, UDSM is any pop lovers new obsession. A song which manages to convey a vast amount of emotion but you could still find yourself cutting shapes to it in Garage or any other nightclub you happen to have found yourself in. (Garage DJ’s tho, pls add this to the playlist) 

No doubt this song will be everywhere soon enough! Get on this pop beauty now and check out the video below!


Lauren Patterson @2016 Club Decode


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