Baby Strange – Want It Need It


Baby Strange have graced us with yet another amazing single, “Want It Need It” is our first teaser of what is in store from the bands debut album of the same name.


“Want It Need It” will draw you in, with it’s high energy, solid sound. The two minute track leaves you wanting more and is undoubtedly an absolute crowd starter of a song.

“Want It Need It” follows on with the same angsty, dark sounding style that flowed throughout their previous single ‘Pure Evil’, it definitely leaves you feeling excited about what is in store with the bands debut album. With powerful guitar riffs, a melody that you can move your feet to and compelling vocals, Baby Strange have truly outweighed all expectations with this new single. They have a truly unique sound and style, which is prominent in every track they release, with each track having its own original take on the bands sound, it’s hard to not love any of their releases. We then get an abrupt ending to a song that for the last two minutes you’ve been lost in, you don’t notice the two minutes go by and you are left with an impelling urge to listen to it again and again. Their sound will draw you in as it has done with many others.

Give the track a listen, you’d be mad not to…

Their debut album “Want It Need It” is due to be released Friday the 2nd of September and the band also have a tour scheduled following the release.

Give the album a pre-order and get your tickets at the link below, you know you want to…



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