Who to see at T in the Park!

This weekend Scotland’s biggest (and bestest) music festival, T in the Park takes place at Strathallan Castle. Over the course of the 3 days, all your favourite artists and more will be playing.  With  so many bands to see over the weekend, sadly there’s no way you could see everyone! (Well maybe you could but that would be an absolute danger task)  But whether you’re a slam tent loyal, Red Hot Chilli Peppers numero uno fan or a T Break discoverer, these are acts you need to see! (Literally just go see them, otherwise years of pains not being able to brag to your friends about how you saw a mega band in a wee tent at T and you were a fan from the beginning. Nothing better than obnoxious bragging rights my friends.)




Blossoms are a five-piece band from Stockport, have had quite a bit of buzz surrounding them in 2016 and there’s a very good reason why. Their unique synth-heavy-but-still-guitar-band sound have catapulted them into a very quick found success. With insanely catchy, loud tunes and an insane live show, they are definitely a must see band. Their tracks Charlemagne, At Most A Kiss and Getaway have all received backing from Radio 1 and an ungodly amount of attention from music blogs and magazines. A band with good music and good hair, what more could you possibly want? Catch them on the Radio 1 Stage on Sunday ahead of their debut album release in August. (That album is gonna be pretty damn magical)



Borns is an incredible solo artist from Michigan. He’s an beautifully vibrant character with an outstanding, melodic voice with a range of fantastic songs. Borns released his debut in October last year and has received great critical reception since. After seeing him support Halsey on her latest UK tour, I can safely say his live show sounds beautiful and you’re sure to fall in love with his music and Borns himself. He opens King Tuts Wah Wah tent on Sunday, don’t miss it.



Vant are another band that have had a relative amount of buzz surrounding them in the past year! Lead by singer Mattie Vant (Who will become your next weird crush. Don’t ask why, it just happens) the quartet take to the T Break stage on Saturday. Their collective of upbeat, loud singles are definitely enough to fuel an insane crowd and a mosh pit or 2. Their latest single, Karma Seeker is one our songs of the year so far and no doubt they’ll be one of the highlights of your T weekend.

Declan Welsh


Declan Welsh is a straight to the point singer/songwriter from Glasgow. With songs that tell tales of growing up in Glasgow and the glasgow nightlife, not only are they fantastically descriptive but also damn catchy. With clear influence from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and more, Declan is an act on the rise, going from strength to strength in 2016. He’ll be playing the T Breaks stage on Sunday and it’ll be fucking entertaining. (Seriously go, we missed him at Xpo North and we clearly fecked it there like. Inversesh could be cruel)

Man of Moon

download (5)

Man of Moon are 2 piece from Edinburgh, with an inevitably successful future ahead of them. You could describe them as the next Royal Blood (Here what happened to Royal Blood btw? Where’d they go?) with an incredibly strong collection of tunes, this band are set to play BBC introducing at the festival. Don’t miss them now, because you’ll be seriously kicking yourself when they’re playing on the big stages.

The Night Cafe


It’s no secret The Night Cafe are one of my favourite up and coming bands at the moment. The indie quartet from Liverpool play for BBC introducing this weekend and if you completely ignore everything i’ve said in this feature, please for the love of all things holy go see this band. You HAVE to see them. Their music is generally beautiful and their song Addicted will be your new obsession. You’ll genuinely just fall in love with this band and it’ll be the most beautiful thing you’ll witness all weekend. Yes even more beautiful than than the 6 donuts for a fiver deal from the various donut vans. (Just when I thought I had used up all the emotion I had left on the Earth Wind and Fire Review, I just adore this band omg)  


Tongues. are a synth pop band from Glasgow that formed just last year. Producing insanely catchy, different music. If you think they sound good on record, wait till you see them live. Definitely one of the coolest things you’ll ever hear live. They’re 100% a band you should keep an eye out for over the next year. They play the T break stage on Sunday and trust me, it’ll be gid. (Just gon spend the entire sunday at the T Break Stage, that’s an absolute insane lineup )

Now there are so many more acts that I need to recommend you go see. Please embrace these acts on my behalf, for this year I will not be experiencing the wondrous T in the Park, instead I shall be crying whilst sitting in a deck chair in my garden because I am poor, house sitting and  I can literally hear the festival from my garden. (Torture) But enough about my sob story, I shall leave you with a list of other must see acts and a T in the Park playlist so you can wrap your ears round them all:

  • Bloodlines
  • The Ninth Wave
  • Slaves
  • The Lapelles
  • The Van T’s
  • The Vegan Leather
  • The Blakout Club (Featuring Kloe, Model Aeroplanes and Fck Yes DJ’s for all you lucky campers on Thursday )
  • Domiciles
  • Spring King
  • DMA’s
  • Catfish and The Bottlemen
  • Fidlar
  • Tom Odell
  • Travis
  • Fatherson




Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016


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