Shura – Make It Up

On Friday, on the rise pop artist Shura dropped another single, Make It Up from her forthcoming debut album, Nothing’s Real. The singer/songwriter from London has been one to watch for a while now, with her 80’s sounding, synth fueled music and charismatic personality. Having been fortunate enough to catch her energising set at Liverpool Sound City, she has a wonderful catalog of songs and has a beautiful stage presence that i’ve only ever seen in 1 other artist (Newton Faulkner.) The audience captivated by her music and personality, never failing to make them dance or laugh.


Make It Up follows on from previous singles such as Touch, What’s It Gonna Be? and 2shy.  The single carries on the 80’s, retro theme with the same lyrical and vocal style. Following the recurring theme of love and heartbreak, the song explores the emotional turmoil of questioning what if? It could be said there’s a disco influenced underlay to the song which builds and falls throughout. Despite the emotional convention of the song, it’s in no way a ballad. The drum beat and infectious chorus makes it difficult to resist at least a foot tap or head nod. Building the song with different instrumental elements. Not only making use of synths but also bass and guitar with a disco, retro R’n’B sound to them, creating her unique sound and setting her aside from other pop artists working towards success.

Her debut album is set to be released on the 8th July and its Shura to be good. Get it. Shura.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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