Under the Radar

If i’m honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people haven’t heard of some the bands we post about. But that’s ok, cause a lot of them are fairly new, up and coming bands considered to be “still under the radar.” So I thought, why not put our favourite OMG-YOU-HAVE-TO-LISTEN-TO-THIS-BAND artists all together in one post. Ranging from our local weans to national underground acts, you need get on all these. 

The Night Cafe


The Night Cafe are a lovely 4 piece from Liverpool. It’s not often a band’s music can make you say “aw.” Their music is adorable! A weird description but if you listen to them you’ll get it. Their songs flow perfectly and everything from the lyrics to the bass line are faultless. Having recently played Liverpool Sound City and supported Sundara Karma (Never been so gutted to miss a band at a festival in my entire life), this laid back indie band won’t be under the radar for much longer.

Top Songs: Addicted, Together




It’s time once again to talk about the desert kids from Dundee, SAHARA. They’ve been one of my favourite bands since I got asked to check them out for a gig back in December. Unfortunately that gig couldn’t happen (Thank you Corinna, once again) But we discovered some one of our favourite bands, so it’s not really an issue is it? There’s quite a buzz around SAHARA and quite rightly so, supporting the likes of The View, Neon Waltz and Model Aeroplanes within a year of being a band. With some top manchester-influenced songs and a fucking  mind blowing live show, they’re already moving on to bigger and better things (their actual massive in Japan btw). With our help, on July 29th, they’ll be releasing their debut EP. Pre-order that physical copy here –http://saharatheband.bigcartel.com/

Top Songs: Blind, Scratch


Broken Hands


This 5 piece from Kent first grabbed our attention when they released their debut album “Turbulence” in October last year. Broken Hands interestingly based their album upon space, planes and more. It might seem weird, but it’s really goddamn cool and you can really hear the influence throughout, in the lyrics, in the guitar, in the synths and it all WORKS. Not only is it a fantastic album, their live show is hands down the best i’ve ever seen. Energetic, captivating and mind blowing, no matter the size of the audience. After seeing them play to about 30 people in Broadcast, i was completely blown away. This band is definitely stadium ready.

Top Songs: Meteor, Turbulence, Who Sent You, Death Grip, Four (tbh probably just the whole album)




I often wonder why Flyte are still considered to be under the radar. Forming in March 2013, the band originally started off busking and drew in great crowds with their catchy music. No word of a lie, these songs are some of the catchiest, dance worthy songs you’ll ever be so fortunate to hear. I honestly don’t know what to say, other than their just fecking brilliant.

Top Songs: Please Eloise, Light me Up, Closer Together




Gengahr released their debut album just over a year ago now. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, when you first listen to their music, you’re without a doubt gonna find it weird. If you get past the weirdness you’ll realise it’s some bloody good music. The straight to the point and sometimes gruesome lyrics make it captivatingly interesting. Paired with the unique vocals and infectious guitar parts, their music is 100% worth a listen!

Top Songs: She’s A Witch, Fill My Gums With Blood

Sadly i’m not gonna go into detail into every single underground artist, cause i’m absolutely indie trash so that’s most of the acts I listen to! But here’s a list of the best :

  • Clay
  • Bad Sounds
  • Glass Caves
  • KYKO
  • The Lapelles
  • Jack Dailly
  • Fickle Friends
  • Swimm
  • Vynce
  • The Van T’s
  • Pleasure House
  • Otherkin
  • Connah Evans
  • Spring King
  • Idle Frets
  • Boo Seeka

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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