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So as you all may know, we ventured to Inverness for the prestigious XPO North conference and showcase events. We had an amazing time, so we thought we would give you  a short review of some of the bands that we enjoyed seeing most.


Kelvin took to the stage in The Market Bar on the Wednesday of the two day event. They were the opening act at that venue and what an outstanding performance they put on. The four-piece Glasgow based band have had a phenomenal year of success since their debut in February 2015, with an ever growing loyal fan following, reviews and praise from some of the most successful people in music and two highly anticipated, rave reviewed singles. They have been pitched as a band to watch in 2016 due to the unbelievable rate of growth their careers have seen over the past year. They drew quite a crowd, with their energetic performance and their indie pop tunes ringing out across a dancing crowd. Their meaningful lyrics, soft vocals and up-beat melodies, draw you into their performances and leave you wanting more.

Give their track ‘Slickback’ a little listen…

Pure Grief

Pure Grief were the first band to take the stage in Blackfriars on the Thursday of the event. This band are like Staind and Biffy’s love child to quote our very own Phoebe. Their whole set was an absolutely solid performance of thrashing heavy guitar progressions, powerful vocals and left the crowd in awe of where this band had just come from with such an outstanding, well perfected performance. The venue was packed as people had come in to check out the opening band and then stayed because they were putting on such an amazing performance. They definitely have a unique musical style and sound and I would recommend keeping an eye out for this bands future endeavours.


Indigo Velvet

Indigo Velvet took the stage in Blackfriars and proceeded to belt out their absolute tropical tunage, to a well packed venue. The whole crowd was up dancing away and soaking up every aspect of their summery songs (including us, sorry to anyone who is scared for life). They played a well perfected, solid set with each song comfortably flowing into the next one. Their feel good vibe and complete unique sound, stage presence and style shine through, to the point where you have nothing to do but be wrapped up in every second of their performance. The band are a must see, you cant come away from any of their performances  without feeling elevated in some sense or other.

Give one of their newer tracks ‘Hold Me’ a listen ❤


Rebel Westerns 

Rebel Westerns were Thursdays closing band in The Market Bar, they played to a packed out venue, everyone came away a fan, there was no way you couldn’t. The whole crowd were dancing away to their feel-good, up-beat tunes. They have really come from strength to strength, their performances are tight and draw you in, you end up losing track of time through being in sheer awe of their unique sound, stage presence (and dancing). You seriously need to keep up with these guy’s next ventures, I can assure you it will not be a regrettable decision. Also you can catch RW on a few different dates across Scotland, Including King Tuts, Glasgow on the 27th of July and a free show in La belle angele on the 23rd of September.

Give their track ‘Trouble’ a listen ❤

The Van T’s

The Van T’s played to a packed out Hootananys, ( you literally could not move). The Van T’s are a band that just leave fans demanding more, there live performances are completely solid and on point and the girls stage presence is unmatchable. Their vocals are raw and powerful, the lyrics ripple out across the crowd and are full of feeling. Their performances are attention grabbing, they draw you in with their punk sounding instrumentation and harmonising vocals. They are undoubtedly living up to the mass hype that is being created around them.

Give ‘Blood Orange’ a listen…

Thanks for giving my short review of XPO North a read.

Also thank you to everyone who made our three days at XPO North unforgettable.

Peace & Love

Kitt xx





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