Liverpool Sound City Highlights – Part 2!


So as you may have seen from our absolute spam of posts, we ventured to Liverpool to attend the amazing Sound City two day festival, we were able to catch some of the best up and coming and established artists, as well as having an utterly unique experience on the Bramley-Moore Dock. 

I don’t know what can be said about a festival that had everything to say for itself over the course of the weekend, Sound City is such a diverse and unique festival. The atmosphere and good vibes at the festival were un-matchable as you know that everyone was there for the same reason because they were passionate about at least one artists music.

Dead Buttons 

Dead Buttons played the Atlantic Main Stage on the Saturday of the festival this year. The band formed in late 2012 and hail all the way from Seoul, South Korea. Over the past three years they have been busy making a name for themselves at prestigious festivals across the globe and this definitely showed at Sound City as they provided festival goers with a solid, perfected performance, the rock duo pulled out all the stops and are clear Sound City favourites as last year they played the smaller Cavern Stage and this year saw them make another appearance but this time with a main stage slot and they proved that they were more than well deserving of this. Their diverse talent clearly shines through their performances, the lead singer has a powerful, rough voice that fits their music perfectly and their performance draws you in as the two of them create a more than entertaining and lively performance. I would recommend seeing these guy’s if you get the chance.



Saturday also saw Bridges take to the Cavern Stage and what a performance they put on. The four-piece Indie-Rock band absolutely smashed their Cavern Stage Performance and undoubtedly came away with yet more fans of their up-beat, summery tunes. Their performance was energetic and had everyone dancing and swaying away, as they put so much raw energy and power into completing an awe inspiring performance. They drew the crowd into their performance,  with the lead singers powerful voice, that truly captured and conveyed the feelings behind the lyrics and songs themselves and made the performance all that more enjoyable, this coupled with the bands solid instrumentation, made everyone come away having loved their set. This band are without a doubt going to go far in their careers so go and see them when you can and support what they are doing, you won’t be disappointed.

Here they are with their debut single ‘Bearpit’…



Sugarmen took to the Main Stage on the Saturday of the festival, they are a four piece Indie band, from Liverpool and I have to add this next bit in because I am maybe slightly over excited by it, Sugarmen have a high energy punky sound at some points throughout their performances and recorded material and last year saw Mick Jones, the legend himself produce their début single, The Clash guitarist sat down with the band in Paul Weller’s studio (This just get’s better) and they created the bands first very highly anticipated single. 2015 saw Sugarmen go on to gain support slots for the likes of Blur, The Who and Paul Weller. It is clear from all of this that everyone see’s that this band are one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2015 and are going to continue smashing each venture they take on. Their set at Sound City was a powerful, high energy performance of solid guitar riffs, raw vocals, infectious and feel good melodies with relatable lyrics and a dash of angst in their too. Sugarmen are fast becoming the most talked about up and coming UK band, with a rapidly growing fan base and a collection of high quality absolute tunes of releases, there is nothing stopping this band on their way to the top.

Give ‘Dirt’ a listen…


Viola Beach – Tribute

As you all know this year shock waves got sent throughout the music industry as one of the brightest and talented young indie bands got taken from us at the peak of their career breakthrough, in a horrific accident that left us all saddened by the loss of a truly unique and wonderful band. Sound City provided a fitting, heart-warming yet emotional tribute to the band on the Saturday afternoon of the festival, their amazingly up-beat songs rang out across a crowded Main Stage Arena and proved the true musical loss that we have all suffered.

We will always remember the talent that is taken from us and as a blog we hope that their music will live on for generations to come, we hope that everyone will continue to listen to the bands music  and understand just how amazingly talented and unique Viola Beach truly were. Listening to the crowd sing along to ‘Swings & Waterslides’ proved that everyone appreciates their music and misses the opportunity of this band continuing to give us their performances and releases. The support that they received not only from fans but other artists shows that as music lovers we will always come together to support artists and their music. Viola Beach deserved their place up their with other UK indie artists, they were more than deserving of the opportunities that were coming there way, the day the news broke was a truly sad day for music.

Here is ‘Swings & Waterslides’…

Catfish and the Bottlemen 

I’m only going to briefly write about this as I realise it was reviewed in the other post also but I felt that there performance was so spectacular that it deserved a place in both posts. I have no words for the true musical geniuses that are Catfish and the Bottlemen, to be in a crowd screaming lyrics back to a band was a truly unique and heart-warming experience. There is no better experience than being at a festival with one of your closest friends in a crowd full of people that are all there for the same reason, who are passionate about a bands music and all appreciate the music itself. I was honestly in awe of their performance, they provided a solid and well perfected set and hearing the songs from their new album live, gave me a whole new perspective on the album itself  and I can’t say anything about Catfish other than they have now gained a fan in me.

Scottish Band Appreciation

Neon Waltz

The legends from John O’ Groats took to the Main Stage on the Sunday afternoon of the festival. The band put on an absolutely amazing performance of their feel-good indie tunes, the whole arena was up dancing (even if you couldn’t call some of it coherent dancing), their music fitted perfectly with the sunny afternoon on the docks, they readily prepared everyone for what they have in store with their careers and performances. I would say that they are undoubtedly one of Scotland’s best breakthrough and up and coming bands. Their unique and diverse sound as well as stage presence and style makes this band a truly original and away from the masses type of band, the performance was relaxed and well perfected, with everyone coming away now being a fan of Neon Waltz. Their performances draw you in and leave you wanting more as the breezy vocals and summery sounding instrumentation make for a brilliant performance.



White provided festival goers with a truly spectacular Sunday night closing performance. Their energetic performance saw the whole crowd dancing away to their lively, absolute tunes. The Glasgow five-piece have been making rapid headway with a rapidly growing fan-base and appearances at some of the most prestigious festivals and venues, why wouldn’t you want to give them a listen. Their unique style and stage presence, shines through in their performances (as well as the many, many sequins). Their performance was solid, they are loveable for their unique ways, they really did just top off an amazing weekend.


You can catch White across many more venues and festivals across the UK in the next coming months.

Thanks for reading my post guy’s…

Peace & Love

Kitt xx

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