Liverpool Sound City Highlights – Part 1

If you’re following us on social media, you’ll know we spent the weekend in Liverpool at Sound City, a small music festival held on Bramley-Moore dock. It’s a vibrant, atmospheric festival that showcases new and upcoming acts from all over the world and we had the opportunity to discover new bands, alcoholic beverages and more. We had the ultimate time experiencing not only music but all the other magical elements this festival had to offer and having seen dozens of fantastic acts over the course of the weekend, we’ve decided to share some of the acts that stood out most for us…


Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5

Kicking off the Atlantic Stage on Saturday was one of Scotland’s brightest and entertaining exports, Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5. All dressed in yellow, the group performed with outstandingly entertaining, witty brilliance. The humorous songs and fantastic crowd interaction made for an absolutely spectacular performance. The audience all took part in following one of the Dijons across the arena to Cross The Road and followed all of the colonel’s instructions. My personal favourite Dijon was one wearing a motorbike helmet and responsible for waving a flag and holding up an inflatable unicorn. Since this performance, I want nothing more than to be one the many Dijons.



Kyko remains one of my favourite artists at the moment and his performance was one of the highlights, of not only my weekend but my year. His incredibly upbeat, tropical music had me completely captivated. Completely deserving of his main stage slot, Kyko showcased exactly why he’s one to watch out for. Songs such as Native and Mexico had the crowd dancing and swaying. Also after performing a yet to be released song, it could be said that this musical gem could be his game changer, catapulting him into the success he deserves.

Boo Seeka 

Performing on the Tall Ship Stage (Which was an actual real life ship btw), Australian duo Boo Seeka were another highlight. The pair performed an interesting, beautiful set. An enchanting collective of guitar and electronically produced music and an energetic stage presence makes them a must see act. They finished with their song Fool, which is most definitely worth a listen.

Catfish and The Bottlemen 

Saturday night’s headliners was Catfish and The Bottlemen. There was high expectations for their set, but they blew them expectations right out the water. Having followed the band for years, from 100 capacity venues, it was an absolute pleasure to witness their first festival headline performance. The crowd was unlike any other, loud and not a soul was stood still. To be completely honest I haven’t been a big fan of their new album because I feel the production has not done the songs justice. Hearing the songs live have completely changed my mind, the album is fantastic live and a million times better than the studio recording. Songs like Cocoon and Rango gained the ultimate crowd reaction. Their incredible stage presence (especially Van Mccann’s) and insane catalog make them an unmissable act and no doubt they’ll headlining much larger festivals fairly soon.

The Stamp 

Young Liverpool quartet The Stamp were another stand-out-act who performed on the tall ship stage. They have a retro feel to their music and were definitely a crowd pleaser. With the riffs they produce and the energy they give off, no wonder they have the likes of The View backing them. Keep an eye out for this band, they’re about to make a lot of noise.


If you have a musical void in your life, this 5 piece from London might just be what you need. Victoria are not only exceptional on tape but also live. Their beautiful melodies, outstanding vocals and harmonies make for a jaw dropping set. Not to mention, fantastic bass lines that really push their music forward. Yet another band to keep an eye out for. Look out for songs such as The Edge and Distant Nights.


One of the biggest audiences at the festival was for upcoming electro-pop artist Shura and quite rightly so. Her unique music and fun live show make her a perfect pop act. Having already received a fair bit of backing from radio 1 and more, it’s likely she’ll be topping the charts with her debut album due out in July. We couldn’t help but smile and dance throughout her set and no doubt it will be the same for you. The spacey and sometimes unusual sound will have you captivated.  Songs you need in your life are What’s It Gonna Be? And Touch.

Circa Waves 

The highlight of most people’s Sunday was Liverpool band, Circa Waves. Their high energy reflected back onto the crowd. Playing most of, if not all, the songs off their faultless debut album young chasers, they performed the set of the day and one of the best at the festival itself. Nearing the end of their stellar set and their song My Love, the band’s instruments cut out one by one and the stage went into darkness as the power failed to the main stage. The crowd booed and cheered demanding for the power to come back. 15 minutes later Circa Waves returned to finish their set. Closing with T-Shirt Weather they proved they’re definitely worthy of a headline slot in years to come.

Sound City 2017 mon x 


Lauren Patterson.  @ Club Decode 2016

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