Norwegian pop prodigy, Astrid S released her highly anticipated debut EP on Friday (20/05/16). With her past singles Running Out (featuring Matoma), Hyde and 2AM all receiving millions of plays on Spotify and incredible critical reception, expectations surrounding the release were high. Thankfully,  this self-titled masterpiece lives up to the expectations and beyond, so let’s explore this musical art piece song by song. 

The first song on the EP is a song initially released back in March, Paper Thin. A beautiful dark love ballad brought to life by unusual, melodic production and the familiar vocal effects in which Astrid is known for. The metallic sound and almost robotic feel to the tune allows it to stand out from the now tiring, slow piano ballads and captivates the listener in a way those songs never could. It’s a refreshing and exciting approach to writing and producing songs of a slower tempo.

We progress onto a song with a similar heartfelt storyline and tempo to Paper Thin, Hurts So Good. Although the lyrics and vocal effects may be similar, the song still stands out. With less focus on production than her other songs and more focus on the lyrics and melody, it could be considered as Astrid’s more radio friendly single that could help her to break more than just the Norwegian and European charts.

Jump is the third song on the EP.  With a far darker theme than those prior, the song is a beautifully artistic piece that takes your imagination with it. The lyrics allow you to almost visualise the song. From the whispering of the word “jump“, your mind will wander with the music as it flows and you can almost picture falling through the air. The song builds before it ends with a whisper, creating a theme-appropriate musical “cliffhanger.”

Atic is everything you could possibly want from a pop song and more. The song builds and flows into a strong, loud chorus and into catchy tempo fueled verses, it’s the perfect combination and production. This song will carry you through the summer and it’s addictive charm will have you playing it non-stop.

I Don’t Wanna Know is a quiet, soft melodic song that finishes this EP off in the most magical way possible. A combination of the qualities the 4 other tunes possess and more. It showcases everything Astrid S has brought to the table by subtly bringing all the elements that create her unique sound together.

It’s not often I would go far enough to describe something as a masterpiece but that’s exactly what this EP is. It’s artistic and its captivatingly beautiful. An enchanting debut from an artist that is more than capable of successfully revolutionising pop music. A much needed revolution at that. Astrid S is your new obsession.

Twitter: @AstridSOfficial


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode

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