The Great Escape 2016: The “You Can’t Miss This” List

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This weekend (19th-21st May 2016) see’s the UK’s GREATest festival for new music, The Great Escape, take place in sunny Brighton. Taking place across nearly all of Brighton’s wonderful venues, the festival showcases more than 300 (YES 300) artists from around the globe, including new and upcoming acts to the ones we all know and love. As some of you know, we did have plans to make the journey from Scotland to Brighton for this beautiful festival but due to unfortunate circumstances we are stranded in the highlands over the course of the weekend. BUT that doesn’t mean YOU can’t go! So that’s why i’m here to recommend to you some of the acts you 987258% have to catch whilst cutting about The Great Escape.




Kyko is one of our favourite upcoming artists at the moment. Hailing from South London, Kyko is a young indie pop singer/songwriter and you absolutely cannot miss him.  Kyko’s music can only be described as beach tunage. No matter the weather or the season, his music will you give the summer festival/roadtrip feeling. With tropical guitar riffs, flowing drums and that beautiful voice you’ll be singing, swaying and transported to you metaphorical beach holiday destination in no time.

Top Songs: Native, Hideaway, Animals




Everyone knows we ADORE Kloe, seriously what’s not to love about her? Kloe is an amazing talented pop singer/songwriter and is just one of the amazing acts from Scotland heading to The Great Escape this year. (including Catholic Action, Holy Esque, White, JR Green, Man of Moon and more) Kloe writes incredible, electro straight talking pop and it’s gorgeous. No doubt her mesmerizing stage presence and music will send you into a magical dance trance. She has a incredible future in front of her, so why not catch her now before she starts selling out tours and join the Kloe fangirl partay. We joined that partay a wee while ago and it’s truly beautiful.

Top Songs: Teenage Craze, Touch, Feel




No great escape is complete without getting a bit sweaty and “stumbling” into a mosh pit or 2, so why not stumble into one at Otherkin. The 4 piece from Ireland describe themselves as a “grunge pop band”and I can pretty much guarantee the crowd for these guys is going to be insane. The infusion of a  90’s sound and infectious riffs will have you cracking out your best dance/mosh moves and you’ll not be able to stop.  I can only describe them as a mix of The View, Vant, Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Hives. That could be considered to be a weird combo, but trust me have a listen and you’ll totally get it.

Top Songs: Ay Ay, Feel It


Unfortunately, I can’t find the time to write about every single artist that you have to see. But you know what, I’ll list them all and trust me you can’t miss a single one (Unless there’s a stage time clash, then you’re forgiven)

The “You Cannot Miss This” List

  • Blossoms
  • Boo Seeka
  • Catholic Action
  • Clean Cut Kid
  • Craig David’s TS5
  • Day Wave
  • Declan Mckenna
  • DMA’s
  • Get Inuit
  • Holy Esque
  • Isle
  • JR Green
  • Lisbon
  • Man of Moon
  • Miamigo
  • Mura Masa
  • Mystery Jets
  • Palace Winter
  • Rationale
  • RY X
  • Shura
  • Skinny Living
  • Stormzy
  • The Parrots
  • Vant
  • Vitamin
  • Vladimir
  • Vynce
  • White
  • Youth Club


Dinny miss them mind 


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016


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