Foreignfox – Monsoon


Get ready to wrap your ears around this absolute beauty of a track. Foreignfox drop their newest single ‘Monsoon’ on the 21st of May (it’s not long now, are you excited, I know we are).

Foreignfox first landed on the Scottish Music Scene in 2014 and since then they’ve been evolving and growing at a rate that no one can keep up with. Since their initial EP release, ‘We Float Like Sinking Ships’ the bands sound has grown along with it’s members, although ‘Monsoon’ still follows the same aspects that anyone would expect from a Foreignfox release. With raw and powerful vocals, massive choruses but now produced on a much larger, cleaner scale, coupled with the husky vocals that help give the song more depth and meaning, there is raw feeling coming from this song, it draws you in and leaves you wanting more….


Johnny Wyatts lyrics give a dark look into the mental dissection of a tortured character, someone who may find themselves in the wrong circumstances, I say dark look as the song proves to you that the lyrics can literally be applied to anyone experiencing those circumstances as the lyrics give an almost examination into someone who is lost in their own head, holding onto their sanity, trying to find and make peace with themselves. The lyrics are definitely meaningful and relate able at most times. I would definitely say if you are looking for a Scottish indie band then you need to give these guys a listen.


The single will be released on the 21st of May through Vadana Records, make sure you stream it, download it or listen to it, because it will not give you any regrets I can assure you. You can also catch them at the Electric Circus Edinburgh on the 20th of May for their single launch night.

Peace and Love Lads,

Kitt xx

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