Travis @ O2 ABC, Glasgow – 6/5/16


I went to see Travis the other day and I must discuss how it was one of the most beautiful goddamn things i’ve ever experienced. 

You’ve heard of Travis, right? Trust me you have, i’m 94% sure you can’t have come this far in life without having heard Why Does It Always Rain on Me? or Driftwood or Selfish Jean. Don’t lie to me, you’ve heard them. Anyway Travis have just released an album called Everything at Once  (Which may I add is absolutely fantastic) and they’re currently on tour to promote the bejeezus out of it. They kicked off the tour on Friday in Glasgow and I just so happened to be there.


To my surprise (well tbh I wasn’t too surprised ) I was amongst some of the youngest people there. I get Travis first came about in the late 90’s/early 00’s but where are all my teenage Travis fans. (ya’ll missing out). Anyway, the first thing that blew me away was the staging. The set was made up of models of high rise buildings and everything was bright and colourful. There’s nothing I love more than some top class staging. Travis put on a energetic, captivating live show. They played every single one of their hits. You forget exactly how many hits they have, they have TONS. The band had an amazing hold over the audience, they had them singing every word and even taught the crowd a dance which EVERYONE did. (I danced, I did the dance). The new songs received an incredible reaction and the old hits received the biggest audience reaction i’ve EVER seen. During songs like Sing and Selfish Jean, I could barely hear the band themselves the audience was so loud. Frontman, Fran Healy still remains charismatic and funny and even jumping into the audience for Where You Stand. And of course they finished the set with everyone’s favourite song ever, Why Does It Always Rain on Me?

So the moral of the story is, everyone needs to go see Travis. It was honestly one of the greatest gigs i’ve ever been to (and i spend my life at gigs). As aforementioned, Travis  have just released an album, it’s a cracker and definitely worth a listen. Listen to one of the singles, 3 Miles High below. (Pretty interesting video, eh?)


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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