This Weeks New Release Lowdown!


So here is a quick run-down of this weeks best new releases, enjoy guys.

So first up is Alicia Key’s with In Common, this summery tune is sure to get everyone on board with feeling those summer vibes, this single is so far from anything that Alicia Key’s has released before and I think that this will definitely work in her favour. Her breezy and almost whispery vocals flow over the top of a minimalistic melody and the song has the R & B feel that Alicia is commonly known for. This is her first single to be released since last years single ‘28 Thousand Days’, it marks the first single to be released from a yet untitled album due to be released later this year.

Give the track a listen here….

This week also sees another release from Ariana Grande, her new upbeat single ‘Into You’ is the fourth track to be released from her upcoming studio album ‘Dangerous Women’ due to be released May 20th. The song keeps up the sexy and sultry tone which has been a common element throughout all of the singles from this album. With this new single having more of a dancey, upbeat feel to it. Ariana has been unstoppable in her quest of world domination, with each track she releasing gaining her more fans and a bigger platform within the music industry.

Give her new single a listen here…

Lastly on the list of releases that I will be rattling on about is Nina Nesbitt with her new track ‘Ontario’. The single is part of a much bigger project that Nina is working on. The project is titles Songs I Wrote About You and through this project she is asking fans to write into her and submit personal stories that she will then turn into songs. Ontario is the first installation of the project and follows the story of a confused affair between friends and is titled Ontario due to the location of the story itself. Nina hopes to build up a base of stories and songs from around the world. Nina’s breathless vocals over the simple melody give the track an even deeper and mysterious feeling to it, adding to the tension and drama of the track and the story itself. The lyrics that he has chosen to put in the song, also give the sing greater depth and mystery as it leaves you wondering what actually happened at the end of it all. I am definitely interested in seeing where this project goes and how Nina decides to lead and shape it.

Give the single a listen here…


Thanks for giving my post a read, see you next week guy’s.

Kitt xx


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