The Van T’s are (Laguna) Babes


I couldn’t think for the life of me what to ramble on about this week, so i took a look down our past features and you know what? We’ve NEVER done a feature on The Van T’s. God only knows how that happened because we’re only fucking  obsessed with them. So it’s only about goddamn time. 

I’ve told this story 1 MILLION times before but once again i’m going to tell the tale of how I came across The Van T’s. (It’s only right we get a little nostalgic first) Last November I was fortunate enough to be working at the Strange Behaviours Festival in Stirling. Because I spent most of my time handing out programs (in some disgustingly cold temperatures) and running around getting riders etc, I didn’t actually get to check out that many acts. When I got a break, I climbed the Tolbooth’s ridiculous number of stairs (there’s an actual ungodly amount of them) and just so happened to see The Van T’s. From that moment on I’ve been a little (COMPLETELY) obsessed with them. I loved their music, loved all the glitter, just loved them. They stood out so much for me because there’s currently no other band in Scotland like them. I love nothing more than some strong females fronting a band and they’re doing it PERFECTLY!

So to give a little background info, The Van T’s are a 4 piece from Glasgow who are often described as a “90′s dream!” The group were formed in 2013 by twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson and were later joined by bassist, Joanne Forbes and drummer, Shaun Hood. Their debut EP “Laguna Babe” was released back November and i’m not gonna lie, it was on repeat for ages and 6 months on it still remains on my infamous “meme mobile” playlist. I’ve yet to get sick of it. Chloe and Hannah’s vocal together is honest to god beautiful guys. I can only really describe their music as the modern day version of 90’s grunge.

Last week, I finally managed to see The Van T’s live again at Wide Days in Edinburgh and I loved every second of it. They’re amazing to watch live.  Everybody that knows The Van T’s love them. (fact. 100% fact. ask anyone) AND they only went and dropped a brand new, mega magical song, 35mm. The song is the first single off their brand new EP “Coming of age” which will be released on June 10th this year! (can’t wait man)

Don’t worry if you weren’t at Wide Days or Stag and Dagger you’ve not missed your opportunity to see The Van T’s, they’ve got quite the bit of gigs coming up. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to all of them, but to tell you the truth if I could, I would. I just love this band (Swear to god i’m not a wee fangirl creep, I just think they’re amazing. To be honest if you take heed of this post, you will too)  The band are also at Electric Fields and Xpo North and no doubt they’ll making an appearance at some of the other UK festivals this year as well.


(pic was nicked from The Van T’s facebook which is here–



Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2016

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