Kygo @ o2 Academy, Glasgow – 20/4/16

Once again I ventured to the o2 Academy in Glasgow (my second home) and this time it was to see upcoming Tropical House DJ, Kygo. 


It’s been no secret that i’ve got a soft spot for Kygo and his music. So when the opportunity came up to attend one of his gigs, I full on hurled myself at the chance. I was quite unsure what to expect from him before hand as i’ve never attended a dance/house gig. (I’m complete indie trash, you can find me at gigs in tiny venues, with obscure guitar bands, sporting a pinafore. T.R.A.S.H)  However, at the same time I did expect something pretty spectacular. The guy sold out the o2 Academy before even releasing his debut album, has to be good right?

I watched the varied audience pile into the venue. Everyone kind of body was there, from those dressed for T in the Park 3 months early to families to my old maths teacher to the goths. The atmosphere in the venue was incredible, you could feel everyone’s need to get their dance on and that’s exactly what everyone did.

From the moment Kygo stepped onto the stage, the crowd was loud and insane. The crowd moved throughout every song from his renowned remixes of Sexual Healing, No Diggity to his hits like Stay and Raging and the unreleased magic that is yet to come our way. The most refreshing thing about seeing Kygo live was his use of piano and keyboards. For those who don’t know, he is a beautiful pianist and all round musician and incorporates that into both his music and live sets perfectly. No offence to other DJ’s but there’s nothing thrilling about watching a  dj push some buttons and punch the air now and again. I don’t know the technical workings of these buttons or such but I do know it doesn’t bring presence to the stage and the staging will bring the presence instead. It was nice to see a DJ play his music on an actual instrument.

Not only was the music and musicianship mind blowing  but so was the staging. The visuals were stunning and tied in with the lyrics which made it an all round mesmerising set. As for the new songs, they’re all an incredibly high standard and live up to what Kygo has released in the past. A song featuring Tom Odell is definitely one I can wait to have blasting  through my speakers.


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