5 Seconds of Summer – SSE Hydro, 19/04/16


So on the 19th of April, I had the absolute pleasure of going to see 5 Seconds of Summer, for the second time in less than a year. They yet again played the SSE Hydro, Glasgow.  Now it might just be me but I’d say they’ve definitely gotten about 83.7% hotter. Now I’ve been a fan of the band for a good while now, so it no surprise to me or to anyone that knows me that I really, really enjoyed myself. I know this sounds like I went myself to this gig, but trust me I didn’t, I was the world’s best big cousin and took my little cousin Katie who also thoroughly enjoyed herself, to the point where I think she couldn’t breathe for a good 2 minutes.

Compared to their gig last June, I’d say I preferred this one over that one, but hey that’s just me. For me sitting at this gig, wasn’t even an option. Even though we had level 0 seating, not one person surrounding me was sitting, it was one great big dance party from start to finish. They played all their old and well-loved songs and then proceeded to sing their new stuff. It was a great balance of old and new. It brought together not only the old fans from the bands youtube days, but also the new fans from their recent album days. Everyone there was just projecting so much love it was unreal!


At any gig you always hope that your favourite band or artist sings your favourite song. Not only did they play my one in a million favourite song, they played my top 3 songs all in a row which made me weep with joy and weep also actual tears (but that’s beside the point). All of my favourite songs happen to be the sad and sappy songs, but they’re still great none the less. So I feel it’s appropriate to now show you guy’s clips of the 3 songs that I absolutely love! So here goes…

First off we have “Beside You” which I personally prefer, the non-studio album version, as it’s more raw and it has more emotion in it! But on the night, you could tell that even though, it wasn’t the old version, that the guys put so much emotion and work into the song, that I had to have a little cry during it!!

Amnesia” is and always will be a well-loved song by every fan and not only does it make everyone in the arena cry, it also makes the band themselves cry. It such a good song, it has such a great meaning behind it and I just love it to be honest with you.

Jet Black Heart” is a newer song, that’s on the second album. It starts off the slow, sad song. But it modulates and transitions into this powerful song about emotions and pain. I personally love it for the song itself, but it has helped people I know through some tough times and that what I love about songs and bands that know their fans are having troubles and feel like they need to do something about it.

If you do get the chance to see 5 Seconds of Summer I would suggest it as even if you don’t like the band, it’s a good place to get drunk and have a great night with all your friends. But on the other hand if you do like the band then it’s still a great place to get drunk and having an absolute ball to some great music and with great people in your life.

So in short, I loved this gig. I love the company I had. I loved everything about it! It was 100% a great night all round for everyone there!

Thanks again for reading!

Amy xo

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